Photo of Adam Tallamy in front of his Union Jack 1 painting

I help people who want to change the world do so

I have an amazing and powerful intuition that will tell you what you are here to do and how to get there. If you already have a vision of what that change looks like working with me will clarify, direct and massively expand upon that.

Furthermore, I will be there for you as the cheerleader, guide and mentor that you always wished you had had in your corner.

The end outcome of working with me is always the same. My clients end up feeling great, believe wholeheartedly in themselves, are uber excited about their project and have not only broadened their horizons as to who they are and the change they are capable of but are actually out there doing it and loving it.

Why me?

  • I have spent the last 10 years doing this for myself all day pretty much everyday. I have learnt how; to feel good in myself; to find and live my own life purpose; and how to change the world in the way that brings me the most joy.
  • I have helped many clients do the same. Read what they have to say here.
  • I have a hard-earned belief that I can help anyone to get to this same place and I have the testimonials and battle scars to prove it.
  • I have learnt what does and does not work and I am pleased to say I can help you to start doing this in just 3 months as opposed to the 10 years it took me.
  • I also have a wealth of entrepreneurial and business experience. My main business was the recruitment and executive search consultancy, Chase Zander, which I ran for 14 years across two offices in London and Birmingham in the UK.

Please contact me to book in an initial conversation or a zero obligation taster session either face to face or online.