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Hire a Life Coach to find happiness, find your life purpose and to get what you really want

 Life Coach - London based

& with international clients

I coach lots of clients remotely so location isn't an issue. To date I have helped clients in the USA, Canada and New Zealand.

Get What You Want

I will help you clarify what you want, then identify and clear the often unconscious internal blocks that are stopping you from being really happy, joyful even, finding your life purpose and getting what you want. 

Issues Dealt With

This work will sort out many of your issues. It will also leave you equipped with some amazing tools, which collectively I call The Hero Process, which will help you take charge and deal with anything life throws at you.

Why Me?



I have spent the last 10 years doing this successfully for myself, coaching many satisfied clients and I can absolutely do the same for you. Don't just take my word for it, check out my coaching testimonials page.

Quick And Easy

I have learnt through trial and error what does and does not work as a Life Coach, which along with the amazing tools I teach (The Hero Process), will help you get what you want easier and faster.


I have a wealth of entrepreneurial and business experience which often adds a lot of extra value to my clients.

A minimum of 3 months of intensive and exhilarating life coaching to see your whole life changing for the better.

By the end of the first 90 days you will either have what you want or will have taken massive strides towards it and will have embedded the amazing tools of the Hero Process into your own life.


All of my life coaching clients who have successfully completed the initial 3 months said that they love the effect this work has had on their lives.

What my clients are saying


"Adam has this powerful ability to make you believe you can achieve anything in life."

IR - Journalist

"I highly recommend working with Adam for positive and exciting change in your life."

Rebecca B - Producer



“To say my life and thinking has changed as a direct result of working with Adam is an understatement."

Deborah Fielding - Managing Director, Mirus Media

"I must say that although I was dubious at first, the effect and benefit of the work was instant."

Alex H - Shipbroker

"I would recommend Adam to anyone that is looking to make some changes, perhaps remove or identify blockages to their success or to simply realise their full potential."

Kevin O'Shea - Director, Chase Zander

To read these and many more testimonials in full click here.

Life coaching with me works!

My clients change their lives and get what they want and so can you. 100% of the people who have successfully completed a minimum of 3 months of life coaching with me said that they love the effect this work has had on their lives.

Don't just take my word for it either! Get the full story on the testimonials page.

I've got a lot of good karma to share

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