Photo of Adam Tallamy in front of his Union Jack 1 painting

I help successful people fill the empty hole that success did not.

Hello! My name is Adam. I am a coach and I work with successful people who by society's standards have made it and yet having done so find that on some level they are unfulfilled and that no matter how much success they have it never feels enough.

As such, my clients are people who want one or more of the following; to feel good, to find their life purpose, to follow their hearts and to make a difference in the world and yet, for whatever reason, are stuck or find it challenging to do so.

I have a wealth of relevant experience from my own life and career.

For 14 years I ran my own Executive Search consultancy, Chase Zander, with offices in London and Birmingham in the UK. No matter how much external success I experienced there it was never enough. As a result I kept working harder and longer to achieve ever more until I eventually burnt out and had to take two years off. It was only then that I started to see clearly and change.

Furthermore, I have spent the last 10 years of my life working to feel good in myself, to find and live my own life purpose and to start to make a difference in the world. During that time I have helped many coaching clients do the same and along the way I have learnt what does and does not work. As a result, I have created a foolproof methodology to help others do the same and I am pleased to say it will allow you to start doing so in just 3 months as opposed to the 10 years it took me.

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