The "Feel It" process

The “Feel It” process is a simple, yet very powerful tool that can transmute any negative emotion. By applying this process persistently, you can change how you feel about virtually anything, get what you want and ultimately become the person you would love to be.

What we call the Feel It process, in truth, has many names including but not limited to Emotional Acceptance, Emotional Release, Letting Go and the Sedona Method. There are numerous books written about it and there are many people around the world teaching how to do it. 


Suppressed emotions

Today most people live in their heads and seldom connect with how they feel. We have learnt to suppress our emotions, to ignore them completely or to push them down through many different methods.

Many of us have also been trained to either; “be a man”, put a brave face on things or keep a stiff upper lip all of which deny how we really feel.


Active feeling

The “Feel It” process will teach you to start to notice and then to fully feel your negative emotions. The benefit of “feel it” is that just by fully or actively feeling your emotions they will change and eventually dissipate completely. 

With “Feel It” you will quickly start to think of negative emotions as a great gift because they are actually the signposts to feeling good.

Most things can be changed in minutes. Deeper, bigger patterns can take longer up to and including hours, days, months or even years but working on and feeling even these issues need not take over your life. With practice, you will get used to feeling things in the background as you go about your day.

Moreover, these patterns are already affecting your life whether you are aware of them or not. They are the hidden handicaps that we all have that stop us doing or being what we want. They are our fears, doubts and insecurities. They are our negative beliefs, lack of self-worth and conditioning.

I can help you get what you want using this process. 


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