How does it work?

Through my company "Purposology," workshops and 1-2-1 sessions, I empower people to find and live their heart's true purpose.


Having identified and then planted the seed of intention to live your purpose the blocks will naturally present themselves and my job is to help you work through them to help you step into your purpose and to continue to live it. Truth be told that is the challenging part. That is where most people get stuck, get distracted or give up.


I have excellent intuition with which I am able to laser in on and then clear whatever is blocking you having what you desire. This includes the hidden and completely sub-conscious beliefs and patterns that affect all of us every day and yet about which so many people are completely unaware.


I work by priority, dealing with whatever presents itself as the most important issue in each session. As our work together unfolds over the weeks and months the obstacles gradually fall away one by one.


Blockages can include; 

  • fear or insecurity
  • lack of self-worth
  • unsupportive conscious and unconscious beliefs
  • negative patterns that play out time and time again
  • a purpose, mission or values that do not serve you
  • guilt or shame

During each session we will work energetically to clear the issues that come up which will shift things at the deepest level and facilitate lasting change and help you have move ever closer to your heart's desire.


I will also give you homework and exercises to do outside of the 1-2-1 sessions which will help you both energetically and to take practical steps towards living your heart's true purpose. It will also help you embed some of the powerful, yet simple tools that I use into your own day to day life. These tools are in themselves life-changing.


What results can I expect to see?

  • Given the right amount of time, commitment and focus on your part you will live your purpose and attain your goals
  • To view the world and events from a more positive perspective
  • To have transformed many aspects of yourself and feel differently about many, what were previously, issues
  • To come away with a powerful set of tools that you can then apply to your day to day life to help you address issues as and when they come up

Where will we work?

We need a private space where we can talk confidentially and not be disturbed.


If you are in London I can come to your home or office. Otherwise I work from therapy rooms near to Bond Street or in a lovely space on South Bank.


I also work remotely online with clients worldwide.


How long is a session?

An average session is 1.5 hours although we will require longer for the first session.


I also offer private 1-2-1 intensives over 2-3 days which are generally residential and I run regular workshops in London.


How many sessions will I need?

To uncover and attain your heart's desire, which is the focus of my work, typically takes commitment and focused work for at least several months, sometimes much longer depending on what you are working towards.


I suggest clients try a initial face to face taster session or attend one of the workshops and if that resonates and you want to take the work further then I ask you to commit to working with me for either 3 or 6 months.


I generally find that this is the minimum period of time required to either help you live your purpose or at the very least take a large, measurable, pre-agreed step towards it.


Furthermore focused work over a period of time maximises progress towards the attainment of your heart’s desire and also allows you to embed the amazingly powerful, yet simple processes that I teach for use in your day to day life. Simply learning and applying these tools is life-changing.


The next steps

In the first instance please read the testimonials page to see what other people have to say about my work.


If the information above and the testimonials resonate then please contact me with any questions you might have or to book in a taster session.