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The Hero Process - Materials to help you find and live your life purpose

The Hero Process 3D Book

The Hero Process book is launching in May 2019

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Finding and living your life purpose is a journey that's more exciting and fulfilling than you can possibly imagine. 

This step-by-step guidebook will teach you how to get there, including the 3 essential real-life superpowers you'll need to do so.

The Hero Process will help you:

  • Find and live your life purpose with passion.
  • Become the hero of your own life and reclaim your power.
  • Learn how to truly follow your heart.
  • Master the tools to overcome whatever's blocking you.
  • Change how you feel about yourself.
  • Get to a default level of 10/10 joyful.
  • Build foundations strong enough to play a bigger game.
An introduction to breath based meditation
Into the heart meditation with Adam Tallamy thumbnail
A meditation to find your life purpose
A guided Feel It based meditation
Loving arms - A guided healing meditation
Third eye meditation
Meditation to be added
Meditation to be added
Meditation to be added

Credit goes to Ben Sound for the royalty free backing music used in some of these meditations.

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