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"To say my life and thinking has changed as a direct result of working with Adam is an understatement. We have tackled some very tough issues, laughed, cried (mainly Adam!), planned, designed, discovered and everything in between. My business figures show a direct upward swing since I have been working with him and I am working in a way that I love. More of that is on its way... Thank you!"

Deborah Fielding - Managing Director, Mirus Media

"I have been working with Adam for about 3 years now and during that time my life has changed beyond all recognition. In fact, it's actually quite amazing and unreal what Adam has done for me. He has literally turned my life around.

Before our first session my life had hit rock bottom. I had gone from being very wealthy & successful to being homeless without a penny to my name & I was separated from my family.

I had no idea what to expect from working with him but if I'm honest I was desperate and would have tried anything! At first I was resistant and questioned the process a lot but at the end of each session I felt better and when I hit hurdles in my day to day life a session with him would turn things around.

So suffice to say I would highly recommend Adam and his work. He probably saved my life through the work we did together and I am happy to say he has become a trusted friend. The work can be challenging in lots of ways but the results are amazing. What he does is pretty mind blowing if you’re ready for it."

Steve Skowyrski - Regional Manager, Angels Den and Director of Fuze Funding (Gibraltar)

"Stuck? Wondering what to do next? Where to go? Then Adam’s your man! Starting my own business, bringing a new concept to market, delivering the proposition and finding my true purpose, were all challenges I faced and yet the majority of the blockages preventing me from fulfilling my dream, were unknown, at a surface level to me.

I immediately felt safe in Adam’s hands. Working with his excellent intuition, I travelled down many routes, to clear the energies, to release my fears and allow me to flourish.

I find using the tools I learned in our sessions, on a daily basis, to be enormously beneficial, helping to keep me on track, to keep me in flow. I highly recommend Adam and his work, he’s an absolute life changer, a master at what he does."

Tessa Guy - Founder, In Mind In Body

"Adam is really powerful at what he does. He has really helped me to overcome issues around finance that have blocked me for a long time.

The fact that he has run successful businesses himself means he understands the commercial world and can bring his deeply intuitive and calm approach to help clear blocks at the deepest level.

He helped me when I was trying to make the break from working with other people to working for myself and the work I did with him has freed up my creativity so much that I am now starting a second business!"

W Smith - Property Developer

"I was recommended to go and see Adam through a very close friend that had been visiting him on a regular basis. For someone who hadn't really explored their spiritual side I was slightly dubious about our first session, but he has a way of making you feel immediately comfortable in his presence. His experience, integrity, knowledge and humility creates a trusting environment for those wanting to make life changing shifts.

I wanted to go and see Adam because I was going through a phase where I was totally lost with my career, not knowing how I was going to get to exactly where I wanted to be. I felt confused, angry, upset and left behind. In our first session we got to the root of the problem and Adam helped me change my negative thoughts about work, into positive thoughts where I began to envisage a career that was more suited to my personality. He has this powerful ability to make you believe you can achieve anything in life.

I came away feeling like a different person ready to face the day-to-day challenges that work was throwing at me, with a different outlook. He taught me how to deal with the negative thoughts and explained why I was feeling how I felt, by talking through experiences in my childhood which may have affected my thinking. Many things came up and once knowing why I felt like I did it was easy to change the thought pattern and realise that this was the only way I was going to change my life. The recurring patterns were appearing because they hadn't been dealt with when I was young so were overlapping into adulthood.

Whether you are unhappy in your life, ill or feel you need a sense of direction I genuinely believe Adam can help you. Working with Adam is an exciting adventure but it's also something you need to work hard at. Under his guidance I feel I have grown immensely, personally and professionally. I hope that his non-judgemental approach will help you to work more effectively through major changes in your life, like it has helped me."

IR - Journalist

"I have been working in my industry for over 10 years and have had a good deal of success over the years but was starting to reach the point where I felt my development and progression was stagnating. As the months passed I began to get into an increasingly anxious state and found my work and personal time became more dominated by worry and confusion about my career direction. This got to such a stage that I found it hard to focus on work and family and worse still I started to get big crashes in my energy levels.

I must say that although I was dubious at first, the effect and benefit of the work was instant. At the end of the first session I had a huge boost to my energy levels, and this initial affect stayed with me for several weeks. Furthermore, Adam taught me techniques to help cultivate this energy and to channel it into productive and constructive thought patterns which are now helping me identify and focus on the next stages of my career. However sceptical you may be, I highly recommend having a session with him."

Alex H. - Ship Broker

"The work Adam has done with me has been truly transformative, working on core issues and contributing to me making some key career decisions. I highly recommend working with Adam for positive and exciting change in your life."

Rebecca Burns - Producer, Tonic

"Adam helped me at a critical time in my career to make a decision on my next move. This followed a business venture which had not gone to plan and which therefore made getting it right this time essential. In our first session he helped give me clarity and work through some of my fears and doubts leaving me with the confidence to go for it. Happy to say things have worked out very well subsequently and he has also helped me focus on the right areas to grow subsequently. I would recommend Adam and his work to anyone looking for their next career move or to help them generally move forward. It is surprisingly practical and gives one clear actions which make a big difference."

Nick H. - Director, Fund Management company

"Adam has helped me change my mind-set from being completely hands-on with all decisions including minor ones to delegating and trusting my team more. This has freed my time up to focus on the things that matter and reduced my stress levels. I find working with Adam to be insightful, provoking and a very safe space."

Ed Haynes - Director, EHG Design and Build

"I have been working with Adam for a number of years in a business context and have always respected his professionalism, dedication, drive and integrity. Recently he choose to follow one of his life long passions to help other people remove blockages to their success. He is helping me personally, Chase Zander and a variety of other businesses to achieve their full potential and be even more successful. I would recommend Adam to anyone that is looking to make some changes, perhaps remove or identify blockages to their success or simply realise their full potential."

Kevin O'Shea - Director, Chase Zander, Recruitment Consultancy