Hello : )

Until about 10 years ago I had no idea why things happened to me or what it would really take to get to where I wanted to get to.


Although on reflection I realise I have spent my whole life trying to find the answers to those questions.


Back then I believed that if I got the external stuff right - just found the right personal development book, went to the gym a bit more, tweaked the website a little, enhanced my business processes some more and worked hard I would have success.


So ultimately whether things were going well or badly my answer was always just to work harder. For the most part hard work paid off although even when I was having what most people today view as success I was never satisfied. In fact, no level of success or wealth would never have been enough.


Eventually in 2008 I worked myself to burn out. On the day it happened I thought I was having a heart attack but nevertheless proceeded to my client meeting eventually falling asleep in a meeting with the HR Director of a retail bank. I then proceeded to break down in floods of tears in front of a colleague at the train station.


Despite my best attempts to go back to work I spent the next 4 months on the sofa or in bed and in total I was off work for the next two years.


On the outside and for appearances sake prior to the breakdown I was successful. I owned a small to medium sized recruitment business with offices in London and Birmingham, I had a very nice car and a 3 storey house in Greenwich.


On the inside I was a mess. I wasn’t happy. I was bordering on being a workaholic and was definitely hiding in my work because I was too scared to live. I avoided friends as much as possible kidding myself even that I was too busy or tired to socialise.


The breakdown turned out to be the biggest blessing and from very early on I somehow knew on a higher level that it was a good thing.


Since the breakdown I have spent the last 10 years effectively working on myself, healing myself and going inside. I practice what I preach and I work on myself every day. Suffice to say that I am a much happier, more balanced and secure Man than I was 10 years ago but the journey goes on.


Post-breakdown I tried everything I could to get well including the weird, the wacky and thankfully some very powerful things that made a massive difference to my life. I studied those.


My studies gave me a set of amazing tools and processes that helped me see and clear the blocks that were in the way of my success. It wasn’t necessarily just about working harder.


In recent times I have been helping other people create the life they want and teaching people how to clear the blocks that are in the way.


I love watching my client's lives unfold in beautiful ways. That is my passion.

Adam Tallamy in front of one of his Union Jack paintings