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Why are fame and celebrity so empty and what can you do about it?

By Adam Tallamy

Fame and celebrity are aspired to by so many people, and yet so many celebrities seem to be unhappy. Indeed, more and more celebrities seem to be saying that fame is empty and that they are unfulfilled. In this short episode of the Hero Process I ask why that’s the case and if you are…

Successful, rich, maybe even famous, but still want more?

By Adam Tallamy

This episode of the Hero Process, “successful, rich, maybe even famous, but still want more?” explores why we strive for more even when we have it all. Why isn’t a lot enough? In it I share how I had to burn out to stop long enough to realise there was even a problem. Only then…

What is life purpose and why should you be living yours?

By Adam Tallamy

What is life purpose? In this vlog I ask what is life purpose actually, why do we have it in the first place and why should you be living yours? I also share the story of how my own life purpose has evolved and grown. In fact, as my purpose has got bigger I have…

How to find and live your life purpose

By Adam Tallamy

This Vlog post is about finding and living your life purpose and gives some insights from my 10 years of teaching and coaching life purpose. In the vlog we will look at some simple ways to potentially find your life purpose and what you can do to clear the path for your life purpose to…

Do you have what you want yet?

By Adam Tallamy

Do you have what you want yet? If the answer is no then you might want to watch this short video about how to get what you want by going inside. Doing so is the first step to clearing your internal and often unconscious blocks to having what you want. Regardless of whether that is…

Failure is designed to lead to success

By Adam Tallamy

What if failure really were designed to lead to success but people just don’t understand how it works or how to apply it in that way? London based Life Coach Adam Tallamy says that that’s exactly how failure works, and claims that he can teach anyone how to utilise their failures, mistakes and even their…

An introduction to the Feel It process

By Adam Tallamy

The Feel It process is an emotional change tool and this short video gives a basic introduction to how it works. The Feel It process allows you to change how you feel about anything in your life from day to day emotional issues and things that trigger you, to how you feel about yourself deep…

Your external world is dictated by your inner world

By Adam Tallamy

By Adam Tallamy When you first hear the words in the title of this article the chances are, they won’t quite sink in. In fact, some people myself included have to hear them a lot before they get it, because when you really fully understand them, they are a game-changer. You can look at them…

Why are you here and what’s your life purpose?

By Adam Tallamy

By Adam Tallamy These questions are said to be ones that people have asked since mankind began but few people seem to have any real answers. Ten years ago, I burnt out and could not work for almost two years. It was only then at the age of 35 that I first started asking myself…

The #1 reason you don’t have what you want is…

By Adam Tallamy
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