Adam Tallamy

Working with me

My aim is to help you to become the person you were always meant to be, to feel great and to change the world in the way that would bring you the most joy.

I work with absolute confidentiality and discretion and I am happy to sign an NDA if required to give you complete peace of mind.

How does it work?

After an initial conversation and a subsequent zero obligation taster session I work with all of my clients for a 3 month period during which we will meet face to face or work online once per week for around 1.5 hours. Outside of these key sessions I am there to support you via phone and email and will be in regular contact via Whatsapp to support, chase and encourage you as required.

I will endeavour to put you at ease as quickly as possible and build some trust so that you can relax and start to make big strides forward.

Between sessions we will agree small homework assignments to help you take practical steps forwards. This homework will also help ground the progress you made in the sessions and serve to embed the powerful tools I use into your own daily life.

These tools are in themselves life-changing and if applied to your own life will help you move forward much faster. Moreover, and I do not say this lightly, they will transform your day to day experience of life.

Why 3 months?

This 3 month intensive focused period of work will allow us to either attain your big goal or depending what it is make huge strides towards it.

After 3 months you will have the tools and intuitive awareness to largely move forward by yourself without needing the same level of support. As such, if it is required, we can then move to a less intensive package that will allow me to give you on-going intuition, guidance and support to keep you topped up, plugged in and on track.


The process

I follow a 4 step process that will help you to find the type of change that would give you the greatest joy and get you started doing it.

Key to that is clearing whatever blocks come up and that's where the "Feel It" process comes in which is a super simple, but amazingly powerful technique to clear blocks and to help you start living the life you really want to be living. 

Together, and if one is forthcoming, we will agree a big goal upfront and if you commit to working with me I will guarantee that you will achieve your goal by the end of the 3 month period. Sometimes the big goal is not immediately obvious and needs to be uncovered or sometimes a single big goal is not required and we can just help you move forward perhaps for the path to be revealed further down the line.

Typically your goal and horizons will change and become much bigger than you initially had even thought could be possible. That is where the excitement becomes palpable and that is the sweet spot where I love to work.

For clarity, my process can be broken down into 4 key stages. They are;

1. Define where you are and how you want to change the world now

2. Learn to listen to and follow the heart / your intuition

3. Clear the blocks using the "Feel It" process

4. Take action and move forward (repeat stages 1-4)

We will work by priority, dealing with whatever presents itself as the most important focus, issue or blockage in each session.

I am grateful to be gifted with a powerful intuition which allows me to laser in on and then clear whatever is blocking you. This includes the hidden and completely sub-conscious beliefs and patterns that affect all of us every day and yet about which so many people are completely unaware.

It also allows me to guide you and at times give you completely new and exciting ideas about the change you are here to make and how to do it.

As our work together unfolds the obstacles gradually fall away one by one until you achieve your goal although be prepared that it may have grown and developed some since we started the process.


Blockages can include; 

  • feeling stuck
  • fear of being truly and fully seen
  • fear of attack or criticism
  • fear of failure or success
  • not feeling good enough - who am I to do such a big thing?
  • unsupportive conscious and unconscious beliefs
  • negative patterns that play out time and time again
  • guilt or shame 

During each session we will work to clear the issues that come up which will shift things, facilitate lasting change and help you move ever closer to your goal.

Please note that by the very nature of this work emotional issues and challenges may arise both during and subsequent to sessions.


What results can I expect to see?

Given the right amount of time, commitment and focus on your part you will experience some or all of the following;

  • feel more fulfilled and good about yourself
  • understand and be living your life purpose
  • be making a big difference in the world
  • view the world and events from a more positive perspective
  • have transformed many aspects of yourself and feel differently about many, what were previously, issues


Where will we work?

We need a private or at least a quiet space where we can talk confidentially and not be disturbed.

Many of my clients ask me to come to their home or office which is easily done in London. I also work remotely online with clients worldwide and can travel to clients both in the UK and internationally.

I also work from multiple locations in central London.


How long is a session?

An average session is 1.5 hours although we will require longer for the first session.


The next steps

If you haven't done so already, in the first instance, please read the testimonials page to see what other people have to say about my work.

If this information resonates then please contact me to book in a zero obligation taster session.