Coaching Options

Life Purpose Discovery Session

  • In this powerful session we will start the process of discovering your life purpose
  • I will help you see what's been blocking you from finding it or living it including the often hidden unconscious reasons
  • Together we will start to clear those blocks to allow you to move towards what you want and living your life purpose
  • I will start to teach you how to clear your own blocks as they arise
  • This is a zero-obligation opportunity to experience working with me

What you can expect from working with me over the course of one year

3 Months 121 Coaching

  • Thie first three months will help you find your life purpose and to get you starting to live it having made some positive life changes
  • In the privacy of weekly personalised 121 sessions we will work through your major blocks to build a strong enough foundation to live your purpose
  • Start to broaden your horizons as to what is possible for you in life and how big an impact you can make
  • Learn 3 superpowers that will transform your life and will be a huge support to fully living your purpose
  • Increase your happiness levels by an average of 3 points out of 10
  • Extensive 121 support outside of face to face sessions via whatsapp and phone
  • Regular homework and tasks to help you move forward
  • Just these first 3 months will have a big positive impact on your life and how you look at the world

6 Months 121 Coaching

  • Six months will get you to a place where you are wholeheartedly living your life purpose
  • We will continue to identify and clear your internal blocks especially around deserving and feeling good enough to do great things
  • The second 3 months will increase your happiness levels by an average of a further 3 points out of 10
  • Become more confident, secure and ready to be fully seen for who you really are
  • Start to realise your recently broadened horizons
  • Plus all the benefits from the first 3 months

12 Months 121 Coaching

  • 12 months will help you not only live your life purpose but see it start to bear fruit as you make a big impact on the world
  • Having cleared many underlying blocks the focus becomes clearing your blocks to doing amazing things in the world
  • In 12 months we will get your happiness levels to a default level of 9-10 out of 10
  • Own and fully embrace your power stepping fully forward to be seen by the world
  • Plus all the other benefits from 3 and 6 months

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