Feel It

Upcoming talks and demonstrations

1200 - 1400 on Monday 11th February in Watford, UK with Link 4 Growth

The "Feel It Process" to change how you feel
Free event
Learn how to change how you feel about anything and everything from the small things that trigger us day to day to the bigger issues and themes of our lives and ultimately how we feel about ourselves.
In this session I will teach you the basics of this incredible tool which will give you the ability to literally change how you feel about anything.
The session will include;
A short talk and explanation of the process followed by a demonstration and the opportunity for everyone to practice as a group and work on something that is playing out in their lives right now.
Who should attend? 
Anyone who would like to change how they feel, would like to regain control over their lives and move forward in a brighter, happier way.
Why should you attend?
This process can change your life and how you feel about things that currently annoy, frustrate or make you sad.
In the longer term it will help you feel better in yourself and become the person you would love to be.

Please contact me directly if you are interested to attend.

Introduction To Group Coaching

Free online coaching workshop with Adam Tallamy

1930 -2130 on Wednesday 30th January 2018 online

1930 -2130 on Wednesday 6th March 2018 online

Free online coaching events

These free, zero-obligation workshop to introduce you to this incredible work and to help you identify and clear whatever is blocking you right now in just 2 hours.

It's a great way to see if you like this work, like working with me and if it can help you at no cost and with no hard sell.

A recent free coaching workshop that I led propelled a lady whose deepest desire was to be a stand-up comedienne to do her first gig a week later. She had been prevaricating and putting this off for over 10 years and didn't know why - she just felt stuck. Happily the gig went really well, she has since done many more and finally feels on track.

Coaching is amazing. With the right Coach and commitment from your side you can achieve virtually anything you put your mind to, and yet so few people ever even try it.


Group Coaching & Hero Process Thumbnails

Group coaching programme with Adam Tallamy

Next programme commences April 2019

£250 / month

This is a powerful 3 month group coaching programme for a small group of just 8-10 people.

This programme will significantly raise your default level of happiness and help you either get what you want or take massive strides towards it.

During the programme we will get into what you really want in life and then identify and clear whatever has been blocking you.

Over the 3 months I will also teach you all of the tools that I use so that you can apply them to your daily life and keep on keeping on long after this programme is finished.

Join me for one of the free coaching taster workshops above or contact me for a zero-obligation conversation or with any questions. 

You can find out more on the packages page.

Meditation in Soho Image

Meditation in Soho

There are no currently confirmed dates for 2019 due to the demands of the current group coaching programme. More dates to follow!

Free Event

The purpose of this group is to connect like-minded people in Soho and Central London to meditate and send good vibes out into the world.

It is a small group of 15-25 people and we will be doing mainly guided meditation and a little breath work for the benefit of the group and to help people move forward.

All are welcome from beginner to expert & from young to old. This is for anyone interested in meditation to come together to meditate and utilise the amazing power of the group for good.

This event is normally over-subscribed so please book in advance. During the summer months I sometimes hold this event in Green Park weather permitting.



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