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At a recent free coaching workshop Rachel, whose deepest desire was to be a stand-up comedienne, was propelled to do her first gig a week later. She had been prevaricating and putting this off for over 10 years and didn't know why - she just felt stuck. Happily the gig went really well, she has since done many more and finally feels on track.

Coaching is amazing. With the right Coach and commitment from your side you can achieve virtually anything you put your mind to, and yet so few people ever even try it.

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30th January 2019


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Adrianne Carter - The Face Whisperer

"I have worked with Adam for the last 18 months and if there's something that you want to change about your life or just want to be happier with who you are - then working with Adam is a must!!"

Adrianne Carter - The Face Whisperer

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"Adam has helped me to completely change my mindset and to dissolve and clear the conscious and subconscious fears and worries with regard to who I am, what I want, and how to get it.

I highly recommend Adam to anyone who wants to make significant changes in their life, and to find their passion." 

Gerry Hale - Founder of the Hale Process

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