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I'll help you overcome your challenges, then find and live your life purpose

Challenges resolved

As a Life Purpose Coach I help people and organisations overcome whatever challenges they're facing and get them to a great place.

Building strong internal foundations in this way is an essential pre-requisite to taking your life or company to the next level, and to finding & living your life purpose.

Find your life purpose

Having overcome the immediate issues you've been facing, you'll be ready to get started on the most amazing journey of your life.

Everyone, and indeed every company, has a big purpose / mission, something bigger than themselves that's just waiting to be seen and realised.

Life purpose comes easily for a handful of people, for most it'll require some work.

 Live your life purpose

Knowing your life purpose is, however, only the first step. Starting to live it and allowing it to blossom and grow are the exciting parts. Doing so can be challenging and yet it'll also take your whole life to a whole new level.

The support I'll offer you as an experienced Life Purpose Coach, with my proven methodology for finding and living your life purpose, the Hero Process, is a game-changer.

A handful of reasons why you might be here

  • You're facing challenges that you'd like to feel better about and to resolve. Perhaps your old ways no longer work.
  • Despite having a lot you want more or you feel unfulfilled.
  • You don't necessarily know what or how but you feel that there is more to life and are seeking that.
  • You're at a life and / or career crossroads.
  • The changes happening in the world demand that you change and / or step up.
  • You want to make a difference and to change the world but perhaps aren't sure about the how or the what.
  • You want to find your life purpose and to live it.
  • How I can help

  • I can help you change how you feel about any issue and about yourself.
  • I'll help you feel better, stronger, safer and more confident. It's these foundations that'll allow you to do what you're here to do.
  • I'll help you find the right path forward and set you firmly on your way.
  • I'll teach you how to follow your heart, how to develop your intuition, and how to do or say the right things at the right times.
  • I'll show you how to find, live, and fulfill your true life purpose and feel passionate, excited, and highly motivated about doing so.
  • I'll share the condensed wisdom of everything I've learnt about purpose with you and give you a set of tools that'll allow you to keep living yours.
  • With time and persistent effort my process will help you get to 10/10 joyful as your default state.
  • Why Me?



    I've spent the last 14 years doing this work every day, transforming all manner of issues, upgrading my own life and living my own life purpose.

    I've been the Life Purpose coach to hundreds of people, helping them find and live their purpose. I can absolutely do the same for you. Don't just take my word for it. Check out my testimonials page.

    Quick And Easy

    I have learnt through hard earned, trial and error over that time what does and does not work when it comes to finding and living your life purpose.

    I teach these amazing tools as the Hero Process, a methodology that will help you find and live your purpose and clear whatever challenges you face along the way.

    Helping others find and live their own life purpose is one of my greatest joys and passions.


    I have a unique breadth of experience (Linkedin) not only in coaching but also as an entrepreneur, within the blue chip corporate world and as a investor myself which often adds a lot of extra value to my clients and helps to keep things real, grounded and practical.

    Life purpose coaching results

    A minimum of 3 months to sort out your immediate issues, to take your life to the next level, and to help you find and start to live your life purpose with passion. 

    By the end of the first 90 days you'll be in a different place, will have worked through many of your key challengers and typically know your life purpose and will have all the tools required to step into it and continue to live your purpose moving forward.


    All of my coaching clients who have successfully completed the initial 3 months said that they love the effect this work has had on their lives.

    What my clients are saying


    "Adam has this powerful ability to make you believe you can achieve anything in life."

    IR - Journalist

    "I highly recommend working with Adam for positive and exciting change in your life."

    Rebecca B - Producer


    “To say my life and thinking has changed as a direct result of working with Adam is an understatement."

    Deborah Fielding - Managing Director, Mirus Media

    "I must say that although I was dubious at first, the effect and benefit of the work was instant."

    Alex H - Shipbroker

    "I would recommend Adam to anyone that is looking to make some changes, perhaps remove or identify blockages to their success or to simply realise their full potential."

    Kevin O'Shea - Director, Chase Zander

    To read these and many more testimonials in full click here.

    Life Purpose coaching with me works!

    My clients sort their lives and/or businesses out, then find and live their life purpose and so can you. 100% of the people who have successfully completed a minimum of 3 months of life purpose coaching with me said that they love the effect this work has had on their lives.

    Don't just take my word for it either! Get the full story on the testimonials page.

    I've got a lot of good karma to share

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