10 life purpose examples to inspire you and help you find your own

July 15, 2023 Adam Tallamy No comments exist

This list of 10 life purpose examples might surprise some people.

Many assume as I did, that a life purpose has to be a huge and dramatic thing but that’s typically not the case.

For the most part people are expecting to have to save the world, if not the Universe.

Thankfully, in reality it’s often smaller, more doable things.

At least that’s how it starts..

After all, if you were given something dramatically huge to do straight off where would you even start?

Instead, you’ll initially be given something that’ll stretch and push you just enough that you don’t get too overwhelmed and end up doing nothing.

You work on achieving that and eventually get to a place where you’re capable of doing it.

Then, often before you’ve even delivered the first one it’ll give you something bigger. I call these life purpose iterations.

Continue on this path for long enough and you’ll likely find yourself doing something much bigger in the not too distant future but don’t worry about that for now!


10 life purpose examples

The following examples are all first or second iterations of the life purpose of either my own or some of my coaching clients.

1. To stand tall and proud, and to spread light and love around the world (that one was mine!)
2. To bring people together
3. To bring spirituality into politics
4. To help a million people
5. To design and create healing retreats and spaces
6. To help people who are grieving
7. To promote healing and spirituality through film and television
8. To help people find love and better relationships
9. To help people reduce, manage and transform people’s physical pain
10. To bring world class online education to African children

These examples are intended to give you food for thought and an idea of what your own life purpose might look like.

For a lucky few it might help you realise your own purpose over the coming days.

Most will need to do some inner work to clear whatever is blocking you. Working on yourself will help you get to a good place and build a strong foundation to then receive and build your life purpose upon.

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Ways to start to find your life purpose

If you’re interested to find out more, you might be interested in my podcast on ‘how to find and live your life purpose’ or in my other blog posts.

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My intention in these 1.5 hour workshops is to set as many people on the path of life purpose as possible.

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