A video introduction to the Feel It process

January 20, 2019 Adam Tallamy No comments exist

The feel it process will help you change how you feel. It’ll take you from sad to happy, from feeling ugly to feeling attractive, from feeling poor to feeling wealthy.

If you want to change how you feel about an issue or even about yourself then please click here to watch this short video for a basic introduction to how the Feel It process works.

The Feel It process allows you to change how you feel about anything in your life from day to day emotional issues and things that trigger you, to how you feel about yourself deep down. To achieve the latter you simply need to put in enough time and effort.

It’s a powerful technique. Practice it with small day to day emotional triggers rather than the big stuff in life. Only do so when it is convenient and safe to do so. Don’t do it when driving or when you need to concentrate.

You can download my free introduction to the feel it process ebook here.


Credit and thanks to Ben Sound for providing royalty free music for this emotional release introduction video.