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Business and entrepreneur coaching

What can I do for your business?

My job is to help you take your business to the next level.

I'll help you clarify any immediate challenges facing your business, and intuitively identify what's really blocking it, including the often hidden or unconscious reasons.

Then I'll help you resolve them and teach you how to do the same by yourself moving forward.

What I do is a completely different way to look at business but it quickly gets to the root causes and changes them at that level allowing success to flow freely.

When things are in a good place we'll have a foundation to allow us to define the true purpose of your business which is often different from your mission statement if you have one. I also offer this mission statement creation and consultancy as a standalone service for businesses that feel ready to get straight into that.

That's when the exciting work starts because your business will have a big purpose and it's likely to challenge you and make you have to step up and that's where I can help to support you.

As you grow so does your organisation's purpose which makes this one of the best and most exciting journeys you can take.

What results can I expect to see?

Given the right amount of time, commitment, and focus on your part you will see:

  • Increased profits and sales.
  • Improved client and employee relationships and satisfaction.
  • Key decision-making becoming easier.
  • Clarification of your companies mission and purpose, and alignment towards that goal.
  • Have transformed many aspects of yourself and your business, and feel differently about many, what were previously, issues.

Why me?

I have a unique skill set which combines:

  • 12 years working as a coach helping entrepreneurs, high net worth individuals and leaders from all walks of life change their lives and organisations.
  • 14 years owning and running two businesses; a recruitment consultancy delivering to major blue-chip financial services companies, and an online job board. 
  • Working as a non-executive for two companies, a home and giftware company, and a rideshare company.
  • I'm a Master NLP practitioner, a Life & Organisation Alignment practitioner, and have also studied business constellations.
  • I have an incredible intuition which allows me to see things that most people wouldn't.
  • I love working with groups and transforming group dynamics.
  • It's hard to explain what I do and how it works but it really does. Give it a try!

Where will we work?

I either work with London based clients at their office, home or a private venue.

I also work online with clients worldwide or at times when London based clients are traveling or it is simply more convenient.

What I do works equally well face to face or remotely and I have a number of successful long-term international clients that to date I have never met face to face.

Between Sessions

Outside of our face to face or online sessions, I am there to support you or your team via phone and email and will be in regular contact via Whatsapp to support, chase and encourage you as required.

We will also agree on small homework assignments to help you and your business take practical steps forwards. This homework will help ground the progress you made in the sessions and serve to embed the powerful tools I use into your own daily life. 

How long is a session?

  • An average 121 session is 1.5 hours but I always allow 2 hours  to allow it to flow and to ensure you get what you need without needing to watch the clock on my account.
  • The first 121 session is usually 2 hours but allow 2.5 hours.

Business Coaching with me works!

Don't just take my word for it!

Get the full story about what I do and how I have helped other clients on the testimonials page.

If you have any questions or simply wish to book an initial conversation with me then please contact me now.

Adam Tallamy Ltd.

Sohost, 8, Berwick Street, Soho, London W1F 0PH.

+44 (0)7779-125 828