A coaching miracle with Adam Tallamy

August 26, 2022 Adam Tallamy No comments exist

A coaching miracle

This is the story of a coaching miracle that happened after Adam Tallamy coached his client Adrianne Carter aka the Face Whisperer.

After helping Adrianne clear her block to being seen she went viral on Tik Tok for the first time.

In our session I helped her get to a point where she felt comfortable being seen by 10 million people and miraculously in the following 28 days her videos were seen by a massive 10.2 million people.

Her very next 2 videos went viral in their own right being seen by 3.8 and 3.2 million people, and her followers went up from several thousand to 172,600.

Over the previous 12 months she had posted c.80 videos and her highest viewed video was 10k with most just getting a few hundred views each.

And before you hit the comments, she didn’t change anything else. She just cleared her blocks.

The content was similar to her other videos, she didn’t change her look, and she didn’t suddenly spend a fortune on paid adverts.


How did she go viral?

So, how did she do it?

In our coaching session we found the unconscious emotional root cause of why she hadn’t had more success and hadn’t in truth wanted to be fully seen by the world. We worked through that emotional block, changed it and opened her up to being seen.

Once she was happy to be seen her external world reflected where she was at internally. As above, so below. Once you understand and apply this simple concept it changes everything.


Let me do a coaching miracle for you too

To have what you want you just need to do the inner work and learn how to manifest. Let me help you.

Contact me if you’re interested in having a conversation or book in for a free, zero-obligation gift session either online or face to face.

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