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The life purpose coaching process

1. Defining your goals

The starting point for any life coaching is to define exactly what your objectives are.

I usually start by asking what do you want. This can be anything from a great relationship, more happiness, a great career through to your life purpose.

2. Clearing your blocks

In each session we'll uncover and work through what's been blocking you right now, what's the next issue, challenge or glass ceiling that is waiting to be cleared to allow you to take the next step towards what you want.

We'll also deal with whatever issues and challenges you're facing, all of which will contribute to laying the strong foundations you'll need to build your life purpose upon

3. Learn the tools

Life purpose requires you to step up, go out of your comfort zone and play a bigger game. At times doing so will trigger you. To keep moving forward you're going to need some tools to clear your blocks and to continue in the right direction. I'll teach you those tools each week and give you small homework exercises to embed them in your life so that you can keep going after our coaching work has concluded.

4. Finding your life purpose

Once you've got the foundations in place and have cleared enough blocks your life purpose will come to you. There's no hard timeline for this but c80% of my clients get there within 2 months.

Whenever it comes know that your life purpose may come fully formed or may require you to do some research, to reflect or to sit with it for a further period of time.

5. Starting to live your life purpose

Having received your life purpose the fun starts. It should feel exciting perhaps even a little overwhelming at times. Your job is to keep checking in with yourself and to take the next guided step. The steps are often small but big enough to require you to do some clearing work before you can take it. By now you'll have the tools and can do most of that work yourself. I'll help you with the bigger ones and help you stay on track through the hard bits.

The hero process - the life purpose coaching methodology

As we work together I will also teach you the Hero Process. These are the tools you're going to need to live your life purpose. The hero process is my tried and tested life purpose methodology, which includes:

1. Finding your life purpose, identifying your blocks and then clearing them using the Feel It process and other tools.

2. Learning how to listen to, use and trust your own intuition, or in different words, how to follow your heart.

3. Helping you shift from the old paradigm of pushing, straining and making it happen, to the new paradigm of allowing yourself to receive what's there for you.

4. Learning how to work through your blocks as they come up on this path. This includes fears, doubts and insecurities and overcoming them is essential to keep moving forward.

This process is surprisingly easy to learn and if you embrace it, it'll also transform your general day to day experience of life.

Whilst I am also there to support you these tools will help you to work through whatever blocks come up between sessions and after our work together concludes, thus allowing you to move forward faster and feel good.

Get in touch

If you're potentially interested in working with me for life purpose coaching, please contact me to either:

  • Have an initial chat either face to face or online.
  • Book a free, single 121 taster session. This zero-obligation coaching session will give you the opportunity to experience this work, working with me and will help you address whatever challenges you're facing right now.
  • Sign up for one of my free online workshops to get a feel for me and the work I do. They typically run every few months. Click here to go to Eventbrite to see when the next one is running.

Moving forward

If you do decide to proceed beyond the discovery session we will then work together for a minimum initial 2-month period, by the end of which we'll have worked through some of your key issues and will have found your life purpose and have taken the first steps towards it.

Please note that there is sometimes a waiting list to work with me 121 as I am (hopefully reassuringly) in demand and I only work with a small number of people 121 at any given time.

What results can I expect to see?

Given the right amount of time, commitment and focus on your part you will:

  • Find and be living your life purpose.
  • Have overcome the key challenges you were facing when we started working together.
  • Feel happier day-to-day and will have significantly increased your joy levels.
  • Have changed your life for the better.
  • Feel more confident, fulfilled and at peace.
  • View the world and events from an increasingly positive perspective.
  • Have transformed many aspects of yourself and feel differently about many, what were previously, issues.

Life Purpose coaching with me works!

Don't just take my word for it either! Get the full story of what I do and how I have helped other clients find and live their life purpose on the Testimonials page.

If you have any questions or simply wish to book an initial conversation with me then please contact me now.

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