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Ways I can help you get what you want

My intention is to help many more people get what they want and ultimately find and fulfil their life purpose. To achieve that goal I've made this work accessible to everyone. Here are the 5 key ways I can help.

1. Free content

I publish a lot of free content to give people as much insight into getting what you want, and into life purpose, and the journey it'll take you on as possible including:

- regular blog posts and podcast interviews.

- a regular newsletter which includes 'aha' moment insights and inspiration that I don't share elsewhere. It's a 2-minute read and will give you tips and encouragement on getting what you want. Sign up here.

2. Free how to get what you want workshop

I present a free online 1.5 hour 'how to get what you want and find your life purpose' workshop typically once per month. It's a power-packed and information rich introduction to life purpose. There's no hard sell just lots of great information. It's also a great opportunity some use to see whether you'd like to work with me beyond that either in a group or 121 setting.

3. 121 coaching

My premium offering is my 121 coaching programme that runs over 2 months. That timescale is the minimum time you'll need to make some big shifts, either get what you want or make big strides towards it, as well as getting a good grounding in the tools you'll need to keep thriving moving forward.

The personal attention, support and focus you'll get in this programme is second to none. You'll come out of it feeling great, have what you want or have taken huge strides towards it, and be starting to wholeheartedly live your life purpose.

4. Group coaching programme

I run a group coaching programme called 'Get what you want'. 8 x weekly 1.5 hour coaching sessions run over 2 months Regular, typically weekly, 1.5 hour workshops with me are a great and affordable way to get what you want and find your life purpose. Click here to find out more.

5. The get what you want community

Launching towards the end of Q1 2024, I'm creating a hub, a large community group which is a way for people to come together with the shared purpose of getting what they want and living their life purpose in a super supportive, nurturing and educational environment.

The group is open to people new to this work and to seasoned veterans who have been through one of my coaching programmes, who want to stay plugged in, focused and clear whatever is blocking them as and when they need it.

Meeting online once per week it will include group coaching sessions, presentations and Q&A from someone who has found and lived their life purpose, exercises, inspiration and much more.

Moving forward membership of the life purpose community is priced at £25 / month.

Follow me on socials for upcoming details or contact me to register your interest.

Life Purpose coaching with me works!

Don't just take my word for it either! Get the full story of what I do and how I have helped other clients find and live their life purpose on the Testimonials page.

If you have any questions or simply wish to book an initial conversation with me then please contact me now.

Adam Tallamy - Life Purpose Coach

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