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What is life purpose coaching?

What is coaching in general terms?

To answer the question what is life purpose coaching we first need to understand what coaching is in general terms.

Coaching is the art of helping someone move from A to B.

If the client doesn't know what they want, then the coach will help them get clarity. Once the goal is defined the coach will help them get from where they are to their goal.

This is often done in the fastest way possible but it's often much kinder to the client to think of doing so in the best way for them.

It's about unlocking potential and maximising performance and results. It should be motivating, at times challenging and make the difference for the client.

What is life purpose coaching?

Life purpose coaching specifically is about helping a person find their true life purpose and live and fulfil it.

There are different approaches to this depending on your view of life purpose.

Whilst many view it as simply finding purpose and meaning in what you do, my view is that everyone has a unique purpose that they are born with.

As such, my job as a life purpose coach is to help them receive their true life purpose. In my experience it's not generally, something we consciously go out and choose.

What's the connection between life purpose and getting what you want?

First and foremost I help people overcome whatever issues, challenges and blocks they are facing in life.

We work through what's in the way of them having what they want and build a strong enough foundation to do so. Building a strong foundation, ie getting to a good place where you feel safe, secure and good about yourself, is for most people an essential step before life purpose can come in.

Thus, working towards and / or getting what you want in the first instance leads to life purpose which in my view is the highest expression of wanting.

For comparison purposes, you could say that sex is a lower expression of love and that ultimately we are all seeking love whether we realise it or not.

What is a life purpose coach?

A coach can be either someone who:
a) has strong generic coaching skills and experience of helping people achieve all manner of goals and outcomes, or

b) has a wealth of experience in the area the client wants to progress in. Perhaps they have taught or coached in that area also. Through their extensive understanding and years of practice they can make a big different and quickly to their client, inspire them and reassure them when they feel challenged having been through similar themselves.

In reality, it's usually a combination of a and b. A good coach will always be able to help you but having a wealth of experience in your area can be very helpful.

The same is true for life purpose coaching. A purpose coach will help you find, live and ultimately fulfil your true life purpose. If they've already helped hundreds of other people find their true purpose then they'll be well placed to help you do the same.

Life Purpose coaching with me works!

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