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Working with me FAQ's

What is life purpose coaching?

Life purpose coaching is the process of helping a client or group of people to find their life purpose and / or to live it.

Can you guarantee you'll help me find my life purpose during the initial coaching programme?

Yes. I can guarantee that you'll find your life purpose during the initial programme.

If you are committed and complete each of the core sessions, the homeworks and exercises, then I guarantee that you'll find you life purpose within the first 2 months of coaching with me or I'll coach you for up to 1 month extra for free until you do.

This has never happened but if after the free month you still hadn't found your life purpose I will give you your money back.

How does the initial 121 coaching programme work?

Once you commit to working with me I'll be in your corner supporting you every step of the way during the programme.

For 121 coaching we'll work together for 8 core x 121 sessions spread over between 2 to 3 months.

This flexible timescale allows for whatever the client needs including;

- when there is urgency

- integration time

- completion of whatever homework is needed

- practicing the tools I'll teach you

- research of the area your life purpose is in

How do the coaching sessions work?

We'll typically work together once per week for a c.1.5 hour session.

During each session I'll share the condensed wisdom of all I've learnt about life purpose, how to live it and teach you more about the tools. 

In each session we'll identify and work through whatever is blocking you from living your life purpose. 

We'll also work through whatever challenges you're facing in your day to day life to give you foundations strong enough to build your life purpose upon. 

What happens outside of our sessions?

Outside our sessions as well as in them, I am in your corner. I'm there to support you via phone, email and Whatsapp to support, chase and encourage you as required.

If you're really struggling with something and need a hand we'll jump on a call together at the first possible opportunity. Such occasional conversations don't count towards your 8 sessions and are part of the overall package.

We'll also agree small homework assignments to help you take practical steps forwards. This homework will help ground the progress you made in the sessions and serve to embed the powerful tools I use into your own daily life. 

Is what we discuss confidential?

Yes. I work with and pride myself on absolute confidentiality and discretion. Whilst my standard terms include a non-disclosure statement, I am very happy to sign a more detailed NDA if required to give you complete peace of mind. Indeed, many of my clients come via referral and my clients value that nothing is ever shared with the friend or business partner that referred them, and vice-a-versa.

During our first conversations and sessions I will endeavour to put you at ease as quickly as possible and build some trust so that you can relax and start to make big strides forward.

What results can I expect to see?

Given the right amount of time, commitment and focus on your part you will:

  • Find and be living your life purpose.
  • Have overcome the key challenges you were facing when we started working together.
  • Feel happier day-to-day and will have significantly increased your joy levels.
  • Have changed your life for the better.
  • Feel more confident, fulfilled and at peace.
  • View the world and events from an increasingly positive perspective.
  • Have transformed many aspects of yourself and feel differently about many, what were previously, issues.

Where will we work?

What I do works equally well face to face or remotely, and I work successfully with clients all over the world via zoom.

I work with London based clients at their homes, offices or at one of several private venues in London or online if they prefer or are travelling.

Life Purpose coaching with me works!

Don't just take my word for it either! Get the full story of what I do and how I have helped other clients find and live their life purpose on the Testimonials page.

If you have any questions or simply wish to book an initial conversation with me then please contact me now.

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