Does life have a purpose?

January 16, 2024 Adam Tallamy No comments exist

I’m always excited when a person asks me the question, ‘does life have a purpose?’

It tells me straight away that they want more even if the question might come from a temporary place of despair or frustration.

As a life purpose coach for over ten years now I’m happy to report that life absolutely does have purpose and that there’s so much more to life than you’ve probably experienced to date.

In truth, I’m excited for you and a little jealous, as taking those first steps and finding at the time what seemed like a whole new world was one of the most exciting times of my life.

Since then I’ve helped hundreds of people, who at one time were asking the same question, to find their life purpose, and like them, you have a unique purpose that’s just waiting to be found.

Typically, you’ll need to do some work on yourself first to overcome whatever challenges you’re facing. Getting to a great place with stronger foundations in place will allow your purpose to come to you.


Why does life have a purpose?

I believe that the purpose of life is primarily to grow.

As such, there’s no coincidence that a person’s individual life purpose is such an amazing catalyst for growth. It’s like a divinely tailored, personalised plan to motivate, encourage and help you face the parts of yourself that need attention.

In my experience, life purpose is the ultimate carrot that the Universe dangles to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, to grow, to challenge yourself and to keep doing so time after time.

You see, as you grow your purpose grows with you as will your ability to impact and change the world.

Moreover, having such a purpose is exciting and will bring back the zest and passion into your life.


Why find purpose?

Here are 6 reasons you might want to find purpose:

  1. Your true life purpose is the reason you’re here. It’s what you were born to do. It’s your mission and it’s just waiting to be found & embarked upon.
  2. It’s the greatest journey you can ever take and it’ll make you feel alive again.
  3. Just by focusing on something bigger than you and on helping others reduces the constant focus on self and will make you feel happier.
  4. In fact, doing this work, with the tools I use, is the most direct route to a lasting happiness that I’ve ever found.
  5. No matter where you’re at in life, finding your purpose will give you clear direction and act as your north star, which in itself gives a great deal of comfort day to day.
  6. You want to make a difference and to change the world but perhaps aren’t sure about the how or the what.

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