Failure is designed to lead to success

February 1, 2019 Adam Tallamy No comments exist

What if failure is actually designed to lead to success but people just don’t understand how it works or how to apply it in that way?

London based life purpose coach Adam Tallamy says that that’s exactly how failure works, and claims that he can teach anyone how to utilise their failures, mistakes and even their negative issues to bring more success, happiness and even purpose into their lives.

“What most people don’t understand is that failure and the negative emotions failure brings up in us are really the signposts towards success.”


Why failure is designed to lead to success

Failures show us how we really feel about ourselves deep down. That’s important because if subconsciously even a tiny part of you doesn’t feel good enough to have what you want, perhaps to have real success, then that will be negatively playing out in your life even if you are unaware of that aspect of yourself. For example, it might unconsciously lead to you not taking a decision that could lead to great options for you, or it might make you too fearful to ask that potential partner out.

The bigger picture is that we are all here to grow and find joy in our lives, and to do so in anything other than a transient way, we need to deal with such internal blocks. By that I mean unsupportive beliefs and patterns, but also negative emotions like sadness, not feeling good enough, frustrations and feeling like a failure. 

We have been taught to have a stiff upper lip and to ignore or suppress our emotions but actually that can be very harmful. Moreover, it’s by facing these negative emotions and blocks that we move forward with more grace and ease. It’s this process of clearing and changing how we feel inside that I teach and I call it the Feel It process.

The Feel It process involves allowing yourself to fully feel a negative emotion which then reduces it until it completely disappears and thus changes how you feel about whatever it was that triggered you.

Once you have cleared enough of the negative aspect, the positive internal feeling then gets reflected back to you via your external world. For example, by clearing sadness you will naturally become happier. By clearing feeling like a failure you will naturally start to feel more like a success and so on.


Your external world is a reflection of your internal world

As the saying goes ‘when you smile to the world, the world smiles back.’ It’s also true that the external world will reflect back to you, by attracting more success into your life. In this way it echoes your belief and feeling about yourself.

To get to that place where you feel truly successful deep down however, you have to face and clear all the parts of you that don’t feel successful.

Well, thankfully you won’t have to work too hard to find these parts because situations and people also keep on showing up in our external world to show us how we really feel. These are the failures, challenges and issues we spoke about earlier. Keep clearing them until you feel successful no matter what is going on around you and then success has to follow.

The tragedy is that most people don’t know what to do with their negative emotions when they do arise but once you do you will start to see the gift in everything and the beauty of the design of failure.

This is essentially the new paradigm way to have success. Rather than the old paradigm of constantly pushing to make things happen, with this approach you first identify what is blocking you and then start clearing those blocks until you come fully into alignment with it. Once you do that, believe it or not, it can then come to you with grace and ease.

Not to say you don’t have to work for it, you likely will, but it will be easier. You’ll get to a place where you feel good regardless of external circumstance and synchronicities will flow.

As such, you have the potential to fail a lot but in fact always be moving forwards with failure as your roadmap to success.

By Adam Tallamy, Life purpose coach, London, UK.

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