I got beaten up today in London

November 30, 2023 Adam Tallamy No comments exist

I got beaten up today in London.

What’s worse is that it’s not the first time it’s happened as I joined a boxing club some time ago.

I did so to face my fear of violence and fear of strong male figures. As the Buddhists say lean into your fears and emotions.

So, that’s what I’ve been doing and each time before and after a fight or spar I have to process my emotions including resistance, fear, threatened and the classic not feeling good enough.

To be clear the answer isn’t always to face or do the thing you’re afraid of. I’m afraid of sharks but I have no plans to swim with them.

Personally I always listen to my intuition. I check in with myself as to what I do and don’t need to do and if I’m unclear or BS’ing myself which sometimes happens one of my coaches or healers will always call me out.

So, whilst I got beaten up today in London, it was about me facing my fears and whilst yes it triggered me, I used that to work through my emotions and change how I feel about myself.

It’s perhaps an extreme example but know that if appropriate you can do the same for yourself and for whatever challenges and issues you’re facing in your own life.

If you’d like a hand I’m here to help.

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