I met my guru

February 3, 2023 Adam Tallamy No comments exist

I met my guru 😮

I had been searching for years and years.

He looks the part don’t you think?

This picture of him was taken in Kathmandu, Nepal about 10 years ago.

Any prizes for guessing his name?

They call him Baba Adam.

Ha! You got me. It’s me 😂 and not the ‘equally’ impressive looking man in the yellow robes.

Who knew!

The truth is that we can all be our own guru. Why? Because, all the answers we’ll ever need lie within us. We all have a powerful intuition that’ll literally guide and take us to wherever we want to go in life, helping us overcome any block or issue on the way until we get there.

We just have to learn how to use it and how to clear the emotional fears and doubts that come up along the path.

So come on Baba _______ (insert your name). What’re you waiting for? I met my guru and you can meet yours too.

If you’re interested to explore this more I’m running another free online course soon that’ll get you started and I’ll be posting more tips and videos to help you get started for yourself so watch this space.

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It’s free and without any obligation or hard sell. Let me share what I know with you and become your own guru. If you’re potentially interested in 121 coaching and would like to do a free taster session get in touch by clicking here. I’d love to help.

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