Life purpose examples and why NOT to use them

April 11, 2023 Adam Tallamy No comments exist

Life purpose examples can be a great insight into what your purpose is or could be.

That said, I DO NOT recommend most people create a life purpose statement simply having read a few examples. 😮💯

In 10+ years coaching life purpose, exercises like this only directly led to about 15% of my clients creating their life purpose statement.

Of that 15%, around two thirds or 10% already knew their life purpose and it just helped them put their own purpose onto paper.

That leaves just 5% of my clients who found their life purpose shortly after doing exercises like this.
Nevertheless, it’s definitely worth reading some examples to give you an idea and see if you’re lucky enough to be in that 5%.
Don’t force it. If it doesn’t feel totally right it’s probably not it. Be patient.
You don’t want to embark upon the wrong life purpose when it’s so instructional for everything moving forward.
Typically life purpose comes to you when the time is right and you’ll just know it’s right.
The other 85% need to do the inner work first to build stronger foundations.
For example, if you don’t feel:
*deserving of finding your life purpose
*good enough to embark upon the journey
*able to make changes to your life to live it
…then you’ll need to address those issues first.
There’s much more to it but those are the headlines to give you an idea of the possible work ahead.

Life purpose examples

The following are 5 life purpose examples that I have seen in my coaching practice.
1. To stand tall and proud in your light and to spread love around the world (that was my first purpose!)
2. To help people have better and more loving relationships
3. To help a million people
4. To give African children access to an amazing education online
5. To help and support people that are grieving
Hopefully these life purpose examples inspire you and make you think at least.

Find out more besides these life purpose examples

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