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How to find your life purpose - the definitive 11 step guide

How to find your life purpose is perhaps the most important question you could ask yourself.

Setting your course and knowing where you want to go on any journey and in life is so important.

In the aviation industry, pilots are taught the 1 in 60 rule. This rule states that after 60 miles, a one-degree error in heading will result in straying off course by one mile.

Think about that in life purpose terms and extrapolate it out over the course of a life, a year even, and you can see how important finding your 'true' life purpose is and as soon as possible.

In fact, find your true life purpose and it'll act as your ever present guiding star in life.


How to find your life purpose - the definitive 11 step guide

This guide on how to find your life purpose is the accumulated wisdom of many years coaching people on life purpose.

For the most part it is a regular practice rather than an instant recipe. Life purpose definitely leans that way for most people.

That said, apply these steps persistently and they'll help you not only find, but also live and fulfil your life purpose.

The 11 steps below incorporate the key elements of my proven life purpose methodology, the Hero Process.

Some of these steps are obvious and are easy to apply straight away so start with those.

My experience has been that they will be enough to help a small percentage of people find their life purpose.

The majority of people will need to learn and start to apply all of the steps listed below.


1. Set your intention

It's so powerful to start with and set your intention to find your life purpose and ask for support and guidance in doing so. Intention is such a powerful thing and yet is largely underused.

Ask and ye shall receive, as the saying goes.

From time to time sit, meditate and ask the question again, 'what is my life purpose? Please help me to find it.'

Believe it or not many of my clients receive a clear answer when the time is right. Or, perhaps you'll read about something in the newspaper that pulls at you, or meet someone who'll help or inspire you to find it.

Be open to hearing whatever guidance comes to you.


2. Research life purpose

What is life purpose actually? So many people say they want to find their life purpose but know little about it or the types of thing it could be.

What sorts of things could your purpose be and what couldn't it be? Read some of the many articles on 'examples of life purpose' that are out there.

Building your knowledge and understanding, and thereby increasing your focus on life purpose will increase your chances of finding it.


3. Meditation

Start to meditate and get to a place where you're doing it ideally daily for at least 10 minutes. Doing so will help you get still. From stillness you'll be able to hear the inner voice and guidance that we all have.You're going to need it to truly find and live your life purpose.

If you're new to meditation or are interested in trying one of my life purpose meditations you'll find plenty to help you here.

It's not as hard as you might think it is and if you have struggled before do try the guide to breath based meditation where I outline where most people go wrong and give you the right mindset to view meditation differently..


4. Learn to go into the heart

This is the best place to ask for guidance and to get all the answers you need about your life purpose. This will save you a lot of time by not going in the wrong direction. Check out my 'into the heart' meditation to start the process.

You'll want to check in with yourself regularly in this way. It's a game-changer and will save you years and stop you making some really bad mistakes.

Imagine having a coach who sees the whole game not just what you see in front of you. They'll give you the right direction and answers when you need them.


5. Follow your passion

Following your passion is often a great entry point into finding your life purpose. What really excites you that you could do that would also really make a difference? Ponder that.

For years my passion was business and the drive to be a success. Following that passion led me to start to work on myself, to go inside to find out why I wasn't having the success I wanted. Legendary coach Tony Robbins and latterly NLP we're great introductions to the inner journey of personal development.


6. Follow / face your fears too

Of at least equal importance to following your passion, and yet rarely talked about, is the need to be able to face and overcome your blocks to doing the things that'll take you to your life purpose.

My initial life purpose required me to become a public speaker to spread the word about inner work, personal development and healing.

I had always been terrified of public speaking so it challenged me immensely. I joined a speaking club and made speeches and spoke every week. It triggered me a lot. I worked through it until I felt good being up on stage.

Likewise you'll have to face and work through your own fears, doubts and insecurities along the way. How else are you going to make a big difference in the world? You're going to need to grow.


7. Clear your blocks

Perhaps the biggest part of this journey is to work through the day to day emotional issues that come up for you.

Your main job is to clear the emotional blocks, to come back to a place of feeling good, of trusting and to take the next guided step if there is one.


8. Build strong foundations

Clearing your blocks and working through your fears, doubts and insecurities will over time start to make you stronger and more confident overall. You'll feel ready to embark on something bigger.

As you continue to do the inner work, you'll broaden your horizons further and upgrade what you see yourself as being capable of. You'll be able to take the required steps to fulfil your life purpose and you'll have a renewed strength to deal with the issues, knock-backs and dramas that come up along the way.


9. Follow the signs

Once you set your intention to find your life purpose it's uncanny how the right people, things, synchronicities and issues will show up in your life.

Even strange occurrences take on a new meaning and can offer guidance or confirmation when you listen out for them and know how to read them..


10. Trust

On the life purpose journey you're going to need to learn to trust that things are working out perfectly.

Sometimes it will seem like the complete opposite is happening and you'll feel negative or dissuaded. Trust is a muscle that needs to be worked on regularly.

You'll feel so much better for it and it'll allow you to keep going. Without doing this you'll probably give up..


11. Patience

True life purpose will come to you only when the time is right. Don't force it. Don't read a lot of other people's life purpose statements and think you can just create one like theirs. That rarely works. Everyone's journey is so personal.

Keep doing the inner work, check in with your guidance, and bring yourself back to trust.

You got this!

How could this play out in reality?

There's enough information in this 'how to find your life purpose' guide to help you find your life purpose.

For some it'll be enough to set your intention, to ask, and to be patient and still enough to hear the answer when it eventually comes.

Most people, however, will need to start to practice the tools such as learning how to clear your blocks, meditation and going into the heart, to get there.

The inner journey and the ability to clear whatever is blocking and build strong foundations is key for most people.

That's just the nature of life purpose.

If you've already done some inner work, personal development and / or healing that'll give you a good head start.

If not, you're going to need to research that and most likely find someone to work on you.

I would advise you find a good coach or a healer to help you with that.

You need someone who can help you get to the underlying root cause of why things are happening or why you feel the way you do about something.

They also need to have a set of tools to change things at that level. Just talking about it isn't enough to change it.

If, in time, they can teach you the tools to do it for yourself so much the better. That'll save you a lot of time and money moving forward.

A top life purpose coach specifically should be able to do all of those things and at the same time obviously help you find your life purpose.

How to find your life purpose? Next steps

If you're feeling inspired and want to dive deeper watch my video on finding and living your life purpose.

You'll also find a wealth of information on life purpose on my blog or podcast

Click here for more on doing the inner work to build strong foundations, and to start to come into the heart, here's the 'into the heart' meditation.

I run a free circa 1-1.5 hour life purpose coaching workshop regularly which will help integrate some of this, where i'll elaborate and where you can ask me questions.

My intention in these workshops is to help as many people find their life purpose as possible.

If you're ready to do this and want 121 coaching to find your life purpose then I'm here to help. I'm a life purpose coach and teacher with over 10 years experience helping hundreds of people find and live their own life purpose. I'd love to help you do the same so get in touch.

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