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My life purpose

My life purpose both excites and scares me.

If I’m honest, I feel a little vulnerable just to share it.

You see, over the years my life purpose has grown. It used to be and feel small, humble and perhaps even a little fluffy.

Today it has become a monster, a creature (ha my autocorrect changed it to that from creator!) from the deep, that will eventually create a new world.

I’m embarrassed because I imagine people reading about my life purpose, and laughing, saying either; who does he think he is to even think he could do something that big?”

Or, "he’ll never do that..”

I cringe at that prospect but I’m well prepared for it. You see my inner critic has been saying the same to me for years.

To find your life purpose you’re going to have to face such fears, doubts and insecurities a thousand times and then some. So here’s one more from me.

The 4 key iterations of my life purpose

This is how my purpose has developed and grown over the last decade. I've listed them in chronological order and number 4 is the latest iteration that I am working with.

1. To stand tall and proud in my light and to radiate love and light around the world.
2. To help a million people change their lives.
3. To help and inspire 100 million people and give them belief, hope and all the tools they need to change their lives and the world.
4. To bring life purpose into the minds and hearts of mankind. To create a new world with life purpose at its centre.

Why does life purpose grow?

As you can see there’s a clear progression in each of these iterations. That’s how true life purpose always works.

The Universe gives you your life purpose in bite-sized amounts that stretch you each time. Each time, I am triggered and feel daunted. Each time, I have to go away, work through my fears and doubts and then take whatever actions are needed. Time and time again. Each iteration took as long as it needed to but generally I’d work on them for between 1.5 and 2.5 years. 

Yes, this is definitely a long-term venture.

When I was able to fulfil that purpose, not necessarily, in fact rarely, having fully accomplished it, I was given a new, bigger iteration.

Every time a new version lands it feels exciting, a little overwhelming and requires a lot of emotional and practical work for me to get to a place where I feel capable and strong enough to do it.


What I had to do to fulfil just one iteration of my life purpose

When I received the first iteration of my life purpose, I just knew what I had to do.

It was to stand tall and proud in my light and to spread light and love around the world.

To me it was pretty clear what that meant. I needed to overcome my not inconsiderable fear of public speaking. After all, how else could I stand tall and spread light around the world?

I joined Toastmasters, the amazing public speaking organisation, and forced myself to stand up and speak each time I went. 

As I went up the stairs to deliver my first full speech I felt like I was going up to the gallows but I persisted.

Each time I went I worked through all my fears and doubts about it. It was uncomfortable and hideous but I did it. 

Now I actually enjoy public speaking much more. Sometimes, when it’s over, I even love it.

I worked on that as the core issue and challenge to overcome for around two years. At that point, I had done enough and felt I was able to fulfil that 1st iteration of my life purpose. 

Shortly, after the second iteration dropped in to confirm that.

All of that prepared me for the next iteration which was much bigger.

What's next?

Other than sit quietly in a dark room as people read this, there’s a good to-do list.

Just by following my life purpose I’m always building stronger internal foundations. They’re essential to be able to create something big and enduring.

The next stage is to do a lot more videos, get more media exposure, PR and start to do more public speaking. 

My life purpose book will be published once the numbers and audience are larger. That’s really exciting as its a new medium and has the potential to reach a new audience.

As it stands, follower numbers are only just starting to grow.  

One of my key challenges for a long time was breaking through a fear of being fully seen. 

Having worked through that it’s time to put myself out there and to take the next step.

To create a new world with life purpose at its centre is still a little daunting to say the least. 

I’m taking one practical step at a time or I’m clearing my fears and doubts. Often it’s the latter but that’s ok.

Sharing all of this with you now is another big step forward. My intention and hope is to inform you and inspire some to embark upon their own life purpose journey.

Building community

Two things are clear to me:

* I can't do all of this by myself

* It's not about me

To deliver this it's going to require a giant collective effort delivered by hundreds, if not thousands, of people around the world. It will require help and input of all kinds, from all kinds of people.

I trust that the right people will show up when they're meant to.

I call upon those people of goodwill who feel called to aid us in our purpose to come forward.

Together let's create a new world based upon life purpose.

I'd love to hear from..

I'm particularly interested in connecting with like-minded people in the following kinds of area:


*Brands interested in partnering

*Other life purpose coaches and teachers

*PR people


*Digital marketers

*Wordpress website gurus


*Documentary makers

Get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.

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