A billion issues – overcoming the challenges billionaires and the ultra wealthy face

November 15, 2023 Adam Tallamy No comments exist

Overcoming the challenges billionaires and the ultra wealthy face can entail things that most people won’t ever have to deal with. Whilst the average person might say they’d swap places, the reality isn’t always what its made out to be.

A few examples of the challenges billionaires often face

Over the years I’ve been a coach here are just a few of the main examples:

  • keeping hold of, or increasing your billions while often feeling like it’s still not enough
  • how to deal with fame
  • having got there finding it all too much or perhaps meaningless
  • making your own mark in a generationally wealthy family
  • carrying the weight of a family name
  • family challenges especially around position, influence and inheritance
  • tax and estate planning whilst keeping everyone happy
  • finding purpose in your life (when you on paper, at least, have it all)

The general issues everyone faces

That said, billionaires like most people, are often wrestling with the central themes of life like happiness, health, relationships and love.

Whatever your own immediate challenges may be, below the surface the issues are always fundamentally the same. They are;

  • fears
  • doubts
  • unsupportive beliefs
  • insecurities
  • and family patterns

If you’re new to this work you might be surprised to learn that when you dig deeper, ‘not feeling good enough’ lurks beneath most surface level issues..

What most people don’t understand is that whilst you can resolve some issues quickly, big changes take time and commitment.

You typically need to work on and through all of this and more to get to the place you really want to be. I won’t sugar-coat it and say that it’s an easy journey, but it can also be a lot of fun. In my opinion it’s the most rewarding journey you’ll ever take.

It’s literally the hero’s journey.

Take the red pill and do the inner work

Overcoming the challenges you face as a billionaire, or anyone else for that matter, means looking inside.

The world around you just reflects back how you feel about yourself either on a conscious or unconscious level. It’s not about that other person, that issue at work, or how you were wronged. It’s just about how you feel and then changing that.

Doing so often means you’ll never have to face that same scenario again. Or if you do, you’ll feel differently about it.

Feel abundant and like money just comes to you, that you deserve it and would feel safe to receive it? Guess whats going to happen!

Feel wealthy but are always worried someone or something might take your money,, or that if you lose it you won’t be able to get it back? Then you’ll need to be careful or better still work through how you feel until you feel differently.

When it comes to such fears your job is to go inside, face and resolve them. Actually the hard part can be knowing how to do that and then finding the courage and support to start that journey.

As per the film “The Matrix,” once you take the red pill and start to look inside there is no going back.


Avoiding facing your challenges and working on yourself

Most people cleverly orchestrate their lives so that they never ‘have time’ to consider there could even be an issue. Billionaires are sometimes especially good at this!

One of the great ways successful people avoid ever even considering working on themselves is business. Actually, what I meant to write was “busy-ness.” If you’re too busy then there’s no time to pause, stop and reflect. That’s why most people especially in major cities like London and New York rush around all the time. Why do they do that in truth? It’s often because they daren’t stop. They’re literally running away from themselves and with good reason. It’s scary to look at yourself and how you really feel about yourself.

I know this because I did this for many years and it ultimately culminated in me having a breakdown or as some people call it a breakthrough. It forced me to stop. I couldn’t get up off the bed or on a good day, off the sofa to do anything, yet alone be busy.

I had been unplugged and the only thing I could do was think, consider my life and try everything I could to get back to work. It was ultimately a blessing for me but it doesn’t have to be that way for you. In fact, it can be much easier and gentler than that if you just start to work on yourself.


Overcoming the challenges billionaires face

The first thing to say is that whatever your challenges are you can totally overcome them. I don’t care how bad things were or are. It is doable. I’ve seen people resolve and heal from the most traumatic events imaginable. Just take the first step and you’ll be surprised how things could change for you.

The second thing to say is that it’s hard to do it by yourself or with the wrong support. I must’ve read a hundred self-help books and saw a counsellor for a long time but it never felt like anything really changed.

My recommendation is to find someone who you think could help and try them out. Do a session with them and see how that goes. Do you like that person and could you see yourself working with them for the medium to long term because that’s what its going to take if you really want to change things.

In an ideal world they’ll teach you some tools that’ll allow you to work on yourself. That way you’ll move forward much faster than just by seeing them for a session once in a while. Moreover, you’ll be able to continue to work on yourself long after you’ve stopped working with them.

Remember, you can change anything including yourself if you just take the first step.

Overcoming your own challenges

I have helped many clients overcome their own challenges. Check out my testimonials page to get a feel for how I might be able to help you too.

If this article resonates and you’d like to see if I’m the right person to help then get in touch. You don’t have to be a billionaire. The process is the same for everyone and it really works.

Contact me to either book in a taster session or just to have an initial conversation.

I am based in London in the UK but I work successfully with clients all over the world online via zoom and I regularly fly out to see clients on their request.

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