Adam Tallamy - The Torch Bearer painting - Manifestation art commissions

Commission me to do your life purpose portrait

As well as being a Coach I am an Artist and I love working with new coaching clients by painting their purpose portrait. I do this as part of a package, that includes three coaching sessions.

These abstract portraits capture your current and future energy and self, rather than your physical likeness.

I call my paintings "Manifestation Art" as using intention and a hard-earned understanding of the Law of Attraction, I paint these purpose portraits to help people elicit their true life purpose and to magnetise it to them.

In truth, each of my paintings encapsulates everything I help my coaching clients with.

This includes everything from setting an intention, identifying, and ultimately transforming the issues and blocks that stop us from having what we want in life.

By locking the energy of your life purpose, all your fears and doubts about it, and finally the joy of overcoming them into your portrait we create a purpose roadmap that'll uplift you and carry you towards it.

Once complete and placed on your wall they act as powerful manifestation tools helping magnetise your life purpose to you.

Whilst my paintings will look great on your wall they're much more than you see with your eyes alone. In fact, if you're fortunate enough to already be intuitive or sensitive to energy, and you sit quietly and feel into one of my paintings even via a photo you'll quickly get a sense of what I'm talking about.

Combining a portrait with coaching will help you move forward faster and leave you with an asset of physical value.

If you're interested in seeing more of my art you can follow me on instagram or visit my manifestation art website.

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