This short video clip is about the life purpose moment and the joy experienced as you watch someone receive their life purpose

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This life purpose blog contains a wealth of life purpose examples, articles and videos. My intention is to give you as much useful information as I can to help you on your own journey.

I am adding more life purpose related content regularly but would love to hear from you if you'd like me to cover a particular area. Please let me know in the comments or message me directly.

I'll also be adding some insightful interviews with my life purpose coaching clients and other coaches.

In addition, to the blog you might be interested in the hero process podcast which goes into a lot of depth about finding and living your life purpose, meaning and making a difference the world.

The ‘Get What You Want’ group coaching programme

By Adam Tallamy | 23 April 2024
'Get What You Want' group coaching programme

My new group coaching programme kicks off in 2 weeks time and there are just a few spaces left on it. DM me if of interest. I will be running this power-packed online group coaching programme regularly moving forward. Click here to join the Meetup group for this and future…

Your most important job is you

By Adam Tallamy | 25 March 2024
Your most important job is you - Image is a sculpture of a man sculpting himself

Your most important job is you. It isn’t your day job. Your most important work is to work on yourself. It’s to keep chipping away, to keep working through the fears, doubts and insecurities that present themselves each day. Doing so will help you move forward, take the next step…

One of the most insightful LIFE PURPOSE stories you’ll ever hear

By Adam Tallamy | 28 February 2024

I’m super excited to share what I think is one of the most insightful life purpose stories you’ll ever hear. So, sit back and relax as I interview my amazing coaching client India. Listen to her inspirational story from crippling anxiety, feeling lost, frantically searching for a job to finding…

A coaching miracle

By Adam Tallamy | 1 February 2024
Image is a before and after coaching photo of my client Kev. The wording says, 'A coaching miracle - From dark to light'

This is one of the most visually stunning transformations I’ve ever helped a coaching client achieve. Here’s his testimonial: “I was introduced to Adam by a trusted friend and I’m so grateful that she did. At that time I was not in a great place, I felt lost and anxious….

Does life have a purpose?

By Adam Tallamy | 16 January 2024
Does life have a purpose?

I’m always excited when a person asks me the question, ‘does life have a purpose?’ It tells me straight away that they want more even if the question might come from a temporary place of despair or frustration. As a life purpose coach for over ten years now I’m happy…

What is the secret sauce to getting what you want?

By Adam Tallamy | 1 January 2024
What is the secret sauce to getting what you want?

The secret that few understand is that the only blocks to changing your life and getting what you want lie within you. If that’s true, and I can assure you that it is, then that should be super empowering. Watch the following short video to find out more.   The…

What is inner work and how can you start to do it?

By Adam Tallamy | 4 December 2023
An image of Adam Tallamy asking what is the inner work?

  What is inner work? How can you get started doing inner work and how will it help you? In this short c 90 second video I define inner work which is in essence working on yourself using a set of tools to identify and change how you feel about…

One of my favourite interviews

By Adam Tallamy | 1 December 2023
An interview with Adam Tallamy on the spiritual spotlight series. Photo is of Adam Tallamy with the words, 'discovering your life purpose'

  This is one of the favourite interviews I’ve given to date on the Spiritual Spotlight series with the lovely Rachel Garrett. We covered so much about how I work and what you need to do to change your life, develop your intuition and yes find your north star. Highly…

I got beaten up today in London

By Adam Tallamy | 30 November 2023
Image of Adam Tallamy being punched with the text, 'I got beaten up today in London'

I got beaten up today in London. What’s worse is that it’s not the first time it’s happened as I joined a boxing club some time ago. I did so to face my fear of violence and fear of strong male figures. As the Buddhists say lean into your fears…

My top 10 essential life purpose facts

By Adam Tallamy | 24 November 2023
Image reads 'my top 10 essential life purpose facts' below a photo of Adam Tallamy, Life Purpose Coach and Teacher

This video covers the top 10 life purpose facts I think you’ll want to know if you’re thinking of embarking on the amazing journey that is life purpose. Indeed, if you’re interested in life purpose, in finding, living and fulfilling your true purpose on this planet then one of the…

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