This short video clip is about the life purpose moment and the joy experienced as you watch someone receive their life purpose

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This life purpose blog contains a wealth of life purpose examples, articles and videos. My intention is to give you as much useful information as I can to help you on your own journey.

I am adding more life purpose related content regularly but would love to hear from you if you'd like me to cover a particular area. Please let me know in the comments or message me directly.

I'll also be adding some insightful interviews with my life purpose coaching clients and other coaches.

In addition, to the blog you might be interested in the hero process podcast which goes into a lot of depth about finding and living your life purpose, meaning and making a difference the world.

An image with text that reads, to find your life purpose you need to build strong foundations

To find your life purpose you need to build strong foundations

By Adam Tallamy | 11 February 2023

How to find your life purpose? A lot of people in the life purpose space don’t seem to talk about the inner work that’s required. For me it’s a given that to find your life purpose you need to build strong internal foundations. You do that by working on yourself, by facing the parts of…

Logo for the Great Awakening

Great Awakening workshops

By Adam Tallamy | 8 February 2023

I’ve just launched the second series of ‘Great Awakening’ workshops which will run over two evenings on Wednesday the 22nd February and Wednesday the 1st March 2023. These workshops are a great way to get to know this work and me to see if it’s for you. What you’ll learn The intention is to awaken…

Life Purpose Guru. Image of Adam Tallamy, Life purpose coach and a holy man

I met my life purpose guru

By Adam Tallamy | 3 February 2023

I met my life purpose guru He’s my life purpose teacher. I had been searching for years and years. He looks the part don’t you think? This picture of him was taken in Kathmandu, Nepal about 10 years ago. Any prizes for guessing his name? They call him Baba Adam. Ha! You got me. It’s…

A photograph of the crown of the queen of the British royal family as an image for an article by Adam Tallamy on 'Royal challenges and how to overcome them'

The challenges of being a royal and how to overcome them

By Adam Tallamy | 28 October 2022

Whilst many have dreamed about being or marrying a prince or princess, the challenges of being a royal are unique and are not always easy to live with, yet alone overcome. Indeed, behind the crowns, tiaras and ballgowns there are many untold stories, histories and demands that are carried by royals around the world. Whilst…

A coaching miracle. How Adam Tallamy helped his client open up to being seen by the world and within 28 days she went viral and her videos were seen by 10m people

A coaching miracle with Adam Tallamy

By Adam Tallamy | 26 August 2022

A coaching miracle This is the story of a coaching miracle that happened after Adam Tallamy coached his client Adrianne Carter aka the Face Whisperer. After helping Adrianne clear her block to being seen she went viral on Tik Tok for the first time. In our session I helped her get to a point where…

A photo of three prominent billionaires with a caption over their eyes which reads, Billions of issues. This refers to the issues billionaires face that the average man might not and overcoming the issues billionaires face.

A billion issues – Overcoming the challenges billionaires face

By Adam Tallamy | 13 November 2021

Overcoming the challenges billionaires face can entail things that most people won’t ever have to deal with. Whilst the average person might say they’d swap places, the reality isn’t always what its made out to be. A few examples of the challenges billionaires often face Here are just a few examples: keeping hold of, or…

Photo of Adam Tallamy, life purpose coach and teacher, asking the question - What is a life purpose coach?

What is a life purpose coach?

By Adam Tallamy | 3 October 2021

How to define what life purpose coach is and what good looks like Let’s start by answering the question, “what is a life purpose coach?” Wikipedia defines a life coach as a professional who helps clients to achieve their personal goals. A life purpose coach has a similar focus but will also help to identify a…

Why are fame and celebrity so empty and what can you do about it?

Why are fame and celebrity so empty and what can you do about it?

By Adam Tallamy | 20 August 2021

If you’re famous, find celebrity empty and want to know what can you do about it this is for you. Fame and celebrity are aspired to by so many people, and yet so many celebrities seem to be unhappy. Indeed, more and more celebrities seem to be saying that fame is empty and that they…

Text on image reads why find your life purpose?

Why find your life purpose?

By Adam Tallamy | 6 August 2021

What is life purpose? In this video I define life purpose and explain why you’d want to live yours. Please click here to watch the video. I also share the story of how my own life purpose has evolved and grown. In fact, as its got bigger I have had to grow and develop to…

Do you have what you want yet? Image reads goals on a typewriter

Do you have what you want yet?

By Adam Tallamy | 15 June 2021

Few people seem to have what they want. Have you noticed that? Do you have what you want yet? If the answer is no then please click here to watch this short video about how to get what you want by going inside. Doing so is the first step to clearing your internal and often…

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