The life purpose book

The life purpose book is coming..

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Believe it or not, I finished this book several years ago but the guidance was that the time wasn't right to publish it.

It makes sense only now because I've been through so much since then and have had to deepen my understanding of life purpose.

As such, I am re-polishing and updating some sections with new insights and stories to bring you a wholly better book.

The planned title of the hero process is so related to the whole life purpose journey. If you're interested click here for a 5 minute podcast on why I use that name.

If you have an inspiring story about life purpose that you'd care to share for consideration to go in the book or perhaps for a post I'd love to hear from you.

My intention is to publish it in by the end of 2023, please get in touch to pre-order your copy.

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Finding and living your life purpose is the most amazing journey you'll ever take. 

This step-by-step guidebook will teach you how to get there, including the 3 essential real-life superpowers you'll need to do so.

The life purpose book will help you:

  • Find your true life purpose.
  • Understand what's then required to live it.
  • Become the hero of your own life and reclaim your power.
  • Learn how to truly follow your heart.
  • Master the tools to overcome whatever's blocking you.
  • Change how you feel about yourself.
  • Get to a default level of 10/10 joyful.
  • Build foundations strong enough to play a bigger game.
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