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Life purpose meditations to help you find & live your purpose

Why life purpose meditations? For those interested in finding their life purpose but new to meditation it may well seem a little out there. Don't worry I used to think the same.

I've found over years of working on myself and with many clients that meditation is key to finding your life purpose.

Meditation will:

* develop and improve your intuition & bring you into your heart.
* help you get still enough to hear your guidance, take the right steps forward and eventually receive your purpose.
* show you the internal blockages that need to be cleared to receive and then live your life purpose.

All of these are essential parts of the hero process, the methodology to finding and living your life purpose. Each of the life purpose meditations below will thus help you find your way.

An introduction to breath based meditation
An introduction to breath-based meditation which you can then use as your default daily meditation. Once mastered practice breath based meditation for 10 minutes daily ideally
Life purpose meditations - A meditation to find your life purpose
A guided meditation to help you find your life purpose. It may well be useful to do this meditation a number of times over one week and then occasionally if you feel a pull to do so.
Text reads - A meditation to open the third eye - Image is of the Ajna or 3rd eye
A guided meditation to open the third eye, improve your intuition and ability to receive your life purpose
Into the heart meditation with Adam Tallamy thumbnail
The 'Into the heart meditation' will open your heart and help you hear your inner guidance and aid decision-making on your life purpose journey

Credit goes to Ben Sound for the royalty free backing music used in some of these meditations.

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