The challenges of being a royal and how to overcome them

October 28, 2022 Adam Tallamy No comments exist

Whilst many have dreamed about being or marrying a prince or princess, the challenges of being a royal are unique and are not always easy to live with, yet alone overcome.

Indeed, behind the crowns, tiaras and ballgowns there are many untold stories, histories and demands that are carried by royals around the world. Whilst the pressure is felt keenly by those closest to the throne, it does not pass by those closest to them.

Royal challenges

Besides the normal issues faced by the wealthy, from my article, “Billions of issues,” here are just a few specifically royal challenges:

  • The intrusive glare of the press and the need to maintain the right public image and not damage the family brand.
  • The knowledge that every mistake, gaffe or scandal could be seen and dissected by the whole world within minutes.
  • The pressure to live up to the expectations of parents, the wider family and the public.
  • The challenge of choosing the ‘right’ partner.
  • The need / pressure to make your own mark or measure up to the sometimes impossible standards of a parent or heroic ancestors.
  • The massive impact of inherited family patterns can be huge in royal families whose ancestor’s have often faced or wrought abuse, bloodshed or war.
  • The guilt of privilege, power or of things that have been done.

As you can see the royals face some quite unique challenges themselves.


How to overcome the challenges royals face

That said, my process for dealing with these issues is the same no matter who you are. I work by priority, intuitively identifying where we need to focus each session.

We will then work to clear the emotions around it leaving you feeling lighter and brighter. I leave clients with their issue either completely resolved or much changed. At the end of each session you’ll feel better and over time your whole life will start to feel great.

Start by imagining your goal, the place you want to be or the way you want to feel. Know that between you and that place there are a number of blocks. It could be just a few or it could be several thousand. My job is to help you work through those blocks. In many ways it really is that simple. I’ve done this for myself and for hundreds of satisfied clients over the last 14 years.

As one of my clients says on my testimonials page, “It’s hard to put into words how he works: it’s a combination of coaching, energy work and refocusing your intention.  All I can say is, it really works!”


Family patterns are key

The family patterns are particularly interesting for me when I’m working with powerful families. The good and the bad is always in the DNA. These patterns and expectations can be a great burden on the next generation especially when it comes to measuring up. In truth, the effect of events that occurred in previous generations play out in all of our lives everyday. So few people understand that and even less know how to change it.

Reassuringly, I find that the next generation of such families always hold what they need to achieve greatness themselves. Whether that lies within the family ‘business’ or in finding the strength to do their own thing is another question.

Whether you’re a royal or not, reclaiming your power, your kingship or queenship is actually a similar and rewarding path.


Reclaiming your own king or queenship

I have helped many clients overcome their own challenges. Check out my testimonials page to get a flavour for how I might be able to help you too.

If this article resonates and you’d like to see if I’m the right person to help then get in touch. You don’t have to be a royal. The process is the same for everyone and it really works. Simply book in a free, zero-obligation gift session or just to have an initial conversation.

I am based in London in the UK but I work successfully with clients all over the world online via zoom and I regularly fly out to see clients on their request.

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