To find your life purpose you need to build strong foundations

February 11, 2023 Adam Tallamy No comments exist

How to find your life purpose?

To find your life purpose you need to build strong internal foundations.
Whilst a few people seem to just know their life purpose, most of the people seeking it never seem to find it.
People often bemoan not being able to find it and say things like, ‘if I could just figure out my Life Purpose, everything would be ok.’
Well, sadly Life Purpose doesn’t automatically make everything ok. If you can find your life purpose it will, however, be the most amazing journey of your life.
Happily, there is a formula to find your life purpose. I developed it over the last 15 years of finding my own and coaching many others to do the same.
As stated, the most important aspect of it is to build strong internal foundations.

What do you mean by strong foundations?

By strong foundations I mean that you’ll firstly need to get to a place where you feel worthy, secure / safe and deserving enough to find and be living your life purpose in the first place.
For most people there’s also a journey to take from being ego led to genuinely wanting to make a difference and serve not from a false ego place (of secretly look at me aren’t I good,) to wanting to give selflessly.
That transition isn’t an easy one but it doesn’t have to all be sorted before you receive your Life Purpose. In truth, you’ll continue to work on it long after you receive your Life Purpose and are starting to live it.
Often people think they’re already there but even for the most sorted and seemingly high self-esteem people there’s usually more to do.
It’s hard to define exactly when you’ll find yours, as Life Purpose is a journey that’s unique to everyone. Suffice to say that when the time is right, then your Life Purpose will come to you.
Then you’ll have to grow more to be able to fulfil it.
As such, your foundations will need to get stronger still. You’ll have to face fears, doubts and insecurities, some of which you didn’t know you had.
Doing so will help you become the person you always dreamed of being.

In practical terms how do I build those strong foundations?

My best advice is start to go inside and work on yourself. An easy way to do this is to work on your daily challenges.
Notice how people, or things that happen or don’t happen day to day make you feel?
Becoming conscious of your emotions is a great place to start and is the first step to changing
them and yourself.
Sit with how you feel and you’ll notice it’ll start to change.
Doing this daily would be a great start.
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