Why are you here and what’s your life purpose?

January 7, 2019 Adam Tallamy No comments exist

By Adam Tallamy

These questions are said to be ones that people have asked since mankind began but few people seem to have any real answers.

Ten years ago, I burnt out and could not work for almost two years. It was only then at the age of 35 that I first started asking myself and others those questions, to see what wisdom they could bestow upon me.

I quickly realised that most people didn’t have any more of a clue than I did. Some even reacted as if I were a bit odd to be even asking such things.

Prior to burning out I was busy building my recruitment business and striving hard to make ever more money and have more and more success. By most people’s standards I was wealthy. I owned a big house in London, had a flashy sports car that I loved and yet I had mushrooms growing out of my shower. No, not just metaphorically, I literally had mushrooms growing out of my shower because I was too busy or just didn’t care enough to deal with them and when I did, I didn’t make the time to replace my shower tray.

This all went to show that whilst my external life looked great, inside things were a mess.

It took me to have the breakdown in 2008 to go inside and ask the sort of questions that really determine the quality of your life, so my hope is that if you are reading this that it might cut out the need for you to be stopped in your tracks in a similar way.

So, where did I get to with these big questions? Well a decade and working with many coaching clients later, I now believe that we are all actually here to grow, to overcome the challenges that we individually are here to work on and ultimately to find happiness.

We can do that as most of us do, the hard way through struggle and strife and possibly illness as I did, or we can choose to go inside and proactively work on ourselves by becoming more aware of the parts of us that aren’t happy, that don’t feel fulfilled and by understanding why we are really doing what we are doing with our lives.

Doing what you love is said to be the route to your purpose and that was definitely true for me. I loved my recruitment business at the time and loved making money but was it the end goal? No. It simply helped me grow, learn about myself and move forward in life and led me towards my purpose.

That said without identifying and clearing my internal blocks I would never have found my bigger purpose which evolved over time as I cleared more, felt more secure, felt worthier and could let go of the need to be successful and rich to prop my ego up which for most of my life needed all the support it could get.

The big strides forward only started when I went inside to understand why my life was how it was and how I had created it that way. With the right tools you can then change how you feel, change patterns, change your beliefs about yourself or what you are deserving or worthy of having in your life, you can become more confident and thus enable yourself to make new, more empowered and better choices for yourself.

Clearing these blocks, which are often completely hidden and unconscious, to living the life you would absolutely love to be leading is the path to identifying your bigger purpose, your life purpose if you like.

As you and your purpose evolve, and you feel fuller within yourself, life purpose tends to become more about making a difference in the world but for most people it is only revealed in full once you get to a better, happier, stronger place in yourself.

The more you understand about yourself and the more internal blocks you clear, using a tool such as the Feel It process which I teach, the bigger your horizons become and that’s where the excitement and joy of daily living goes to a whole new, more passionate level.

It can be challenging to live your life’s purpose but once you get started you will likely wish you had done so much sooner.

By Adam Tallamy

Adam Tallamy is the founder of the Hero Process which is a methodology that helps people reclaim their power and gives them the tools to do so. If you would like to have a discounted online or face to face taster session with him to see how this work can help you change, please contact him directly. +44(0)7779 125828 adam@adamtallamy.com www.adamtallamy.com