Adam Tallamy - Packages and benefits

Packages and benefits

One Hour Introductory Gift Session

** Free **
  • I offer prospective clients a free, zero-obligation taster session to see if you like working with me and to get an idea for how this work will help you
  • In this session we'll identify and resolve an immediate challenge you're facing
  • I'll also outline the journey this work will take you on and explain more about the life-changing tools that I'll teach you
  • As with all of my sessions this can be done either face to face or online

121 Coaching Programme

£2,000 per month
  • 4 coaching sessions per month for a minimum of 3 months with sessions averaging 1.5 hours
  • Regular homework and tasks to help you embed the work and maximise your progress
  • WhatsApp and telephone support outside of sessions
  • See the section below for a full breakdown of the typical benefits clients receive based on duration of coaching
  • I'm currently offering an additional two months of free coaching if you commit to and pay upfront for 12 months of coaching

What you can typically expect from working with me over different time periods

3 Months 121 Coaching

  • The first three months will help you find your life purpose and get you starting to live it having made some positive life changes
  • In the privacy of 4 monthly 121 sessions we will work through your major blocks to build a strong enough foundation to live your purpose
  • Start to broaden your horizons as to what is possible for you in life and how big an impact you can make
  • Learn 3 superpowers that will transform your life and will be a huge support to fully living your purpose
  • Increase your happiness levels by an average of 3 points out of 10
  • Just these first 3 months will have a big positive impact on your life and how you look at the world

6 Months 121 Coaching

  • Six months will get you to a place where you are wholeheartedly living your life purpose
  • We will continue to identify and clear your internal blocks especially around deserving and feeling good enough to do great things
  • The second 3 months will increase your happiness levels by an average of a further 3 points out of 10
  • Become more confident, secure and ready to be fully seen for who you really are
  • Start to realise your recently broadened horizons
  • Plus all the benefits from the first 3 months

12 Months 121 Coaching

  • 12 months will help you not only live your life purpose but see it start to bear fruit as you make a big impact on the world
  • Having cleared many underlying blocks the work becomes about self-mastery and learning how to focus exclusively on what you want to create
  • In 12 months we will get your happiness levels to a default level of 9 or 10 out of 10
  • Own and fully embrace your power stepping fully forward to be seen by the world
  • Plus all the other benefits from 3 and 6 months

Business Coaching / Consultancy

£2,000 - £25,000 per month *depending on size of organisation
  • Similar to the 121 personal coaching the business consultancy typically starts by identifying and resolving your immediate challenges
  • I'm able to intuitively identify the real reasons behind an organisations issues which are often hidden or completely unconscious. Doing so is often the key to taking your business to the next level
  • Having resolved those initial challenges and built stronger foundations we'll be able to define the true purpose of your business and start the process of getting into full alignment with it
  • I'm currently offering one additional month of coaching for free if you commit to and pay upfront for 6 months of coaching

Mission statement consultancy

£2,500 - £5,000 per day *depending on size of organisation
  • Defining your organisations mission statement or purpose is a 1 day process which can sometimes be split into two sessions either face to face or online.
  • The day commences with an in-depth discussion about your business to elicit key drivers, current issues, behaviours and results.
  • I'm able to intuitively identify the real reasons behind an organisations current issues which are often hidden or completely unconscious.
  • Working through the key blocks that present themselves during the day is essential to allow the true purpose to be seen.
  • Having defined the mission we'll start to look at what needs to change within the business to align to it.
  • My intention is to leave you feeling inspired, uplifted and with clarity on your mission and what you need to do to fulfil it.

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