Your external world is dictated by your inner world

January 17, 2019 Adam Tallamy No comments exist

When you first hear the words in the title of this article the chances are, they won’t quite sink in.

In fact, some people myself included have to hear them a lot before they get it, because when you really fully understand them, they are a game-changer.

You can look at them on a basic level such as, of course if I am positive then more positive things will happen, and that’s true, but this also goes deeper.

The truth is that everything we experience in life is a reflection of our inner world including our beliefs, family patterns and self-worth. Some more specific examples of this are;

-how we feel about ourselves

-what we feel we deserve

-what we believe we are good enough to have

-what we expect to see and experience

This is more about more than just how we perceive the world around us although that plays a big part. Moreover, we literally attract the people, scenarios, success, happiness, struggle or misery into our lives that we expect to see (whether consciously or otherwise.)

In terms of bringing more of what you want into your life its important to understand that for the most part this requires more than just a shift of focus onto what you want and through positive thinking. This is more about changing who you are at a deep level, about believing that life and you are a certain way, and then and only then will the world will reflect that back to you.

At a micro level, if like many people, you occasionally experience some anxiety or feel tense sometimes guess what the world will bring you scenarios where that will play out.

It does this to draw your attention to it to help you change how you feel but most people don’t know how to do that.

You can’t run from it either. I tried by staying in my house mildly hermit-like for a few years, but my own scenarios just followed me. Move overseas and you can expect exactly the same albeit with different people playing out their roles in your play.

If you have an issue that plays out with your partner or with members of the opposite sex in general and don’t deal with that, then you can absolutely expect that to play out time and time again with partner after partner.

It’s no wonder we start to view all men or women as being a certain way which just reinforces further what you expect to see next time and guess what…

When you really start to grasp this it can be overwhelming, scary even, but actually this knowledge gives you back the power.

If everything really just reflects back to you how you feel about yourself then that means you can change it, you can change how you feel and thus the external world will change with you.

That’s got to be a good thing right? But how do you do change?

Well, the way I would suggest is to go inside, to look at why you are attracting certain things into your life, to ponder how you feel and why as that recognition and understanding is the first step towards change.

Moreover, you will need to stop ignoring how you feel and stop pushing those emotions down because that isn’t going to change it. The time for suppressing our emotions is long gone. 

And finally, if you don’t have any already you are going to need to find some tools that will help you change all of these things because just identifying them and talking about them typically isn’t enough.

Changing enough negative emotions and issues at a micro level and you will eventually change how you feel about yourself overall and that’s where life starts to get really exciting.

As old fears, doubts and insecurities fall away new opportunities, goals and dreams are born which suddenly feel doable.

The power really is in your hands again but only you can choose to wield it.

By Adam Tallamy, Life Purpose Coach, London UK and working successfully with clients all over the world

Adam Tallamy is the founder of the Hero Process which is a methodology that helps people reclaim their power and gives them the tools to do so. 

If you would like to have discounted online or face to face taster session with him to see how this work can help you change, please contact him directly.